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re: fiction; safe places, futurism 

the future is accessible
the future is intersectional
the future is more than me or you, it is all of us.

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Short(er) :

Probably going to try to recruit you into space piracy, y'all been warned.

Lifetime Seeker of the Better Way.


...i/we would share our coat with you, friend, but this is a pandemic...take it, i/we will need to run soon, and will find another when we arrive where we are supposed to be next.

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2022146 - labinating, power systems, weather 

portable is at 45% duty cycle,
manually kicking the cluster offline
for better sunlight sipping ratios
while the photons are available.

attempting to move two of the 6v cells today, though only one for certain. there is room for two 12v cells, previously in series, and reconfiguring to charge both at 6v instead of one at 12 is the current threshold.
need to suss out a better charge controller, but may also just do relay-controlled methodology now that i know how to refill the cells if they get low.

upcoming week will maybe a wet one.
redid the roof tarps with better anchors, and three pair of chafing relief on the corners.
more and smaller weights on top, plus some reconfiguring of the tarp layout, gives me a bit more confidence in the upcoming wind.

could use recommends for acid cell contents level sensing, state memory / toggle relays, and cargo tiedown strap salvage opportunities in Santiam valley or adjacent.

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where broken thing = my router, apparently, knowledge ask 

Oi, science side of tumbl...errrrrrrr side of fedi, what's this greenish gunk (...maybe coming from around the DC jack?) on my router, and more importantly, how do I repair or remediate this damage?

(...this router still works, or did before I unplugged it and cracked open the case to check something unrelated...and i would like to do the maintenance now, rather than when it breaks.)

(boost appreciated until query is resolved)

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poetryish, ramblings about the world, mh (+) 

I am just another dreamer,
reading prophesies in the eather.

Why do I still have , you ask?

She's my muse, in a way.
Sometimes cruel, but never to a fault.
Reality with a hint of laughter,
an educated queen of sin.

People though.
People survive.
Life is always, even when we are not.

Drugs and wires fail.
So will all kingdoms built on coins.
So will people, and yet people grow and change.

Not because they say they do.

But because we act in a way that prioritizes the future, in ways that will never be obvious to the extracters of profit and labor.

And we people, we will act together to the last breath, and beyond.

Our memory of the ones who held the line in times past, who gave us platforms and recorded memories for our emancipation and held space for us to form our own beliefs. And we give that gift to others in turn.

That is how we win.
With love and undying Hope.

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re: labinating, small pleasures, small displays (kiddo system) 

The sunward panels were pulling in a solid 11 watts today. Grid power is currently available, but the more I can run off the sun, the better. Gained two or three amp-hours on the batteries, so we can top up the phone tonight.

Sketching out the cuts necessary for next stage of the hardware for kiddo's viewscreen is in progress, and the tactile kinesthetics are really helping me relax. Wooden frame takes the graphite well.

Using the high impact (plastic? something else?) from tablet display salvage to protect the face of a mini HDMI display for kiddo's playtesting. Not yet aiming for outdoor use tho, getting this waterproof needs...future catra and adora problems, eh?

Doing a pair of off the shelf batteries, about 10 amp-hours apiece, and using a third of the same type as an internal cell to make the other two hotswappable. USB for now, but looking to upgrade to barrel plugs once there's time to poke around for better options for that.

Next step is to reinforce the wooden frame so the padding/buffer material can be put in place to cradle the display. Anticipating 1+ meter droups on the regular, and attempting to make this tough enough to keep on working. LCDs are not my fave. >_>

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re: labinating, solar, rebuilding main workstation 

Only caught the last quarter of daylight, but still got a +7% boost to the mobile's battery. Enough to post this, and keep ahead of the overnight drain. Already we're down 2%, though some of it is temp.

Workstation is booting.
(Will try again soon. It remains my goal.)
Got things working with the default noveaue driver and plasma...which has been a ride.

(...really need to write a guide for a bunch of this stuff...)

Lots of new quirks to learn with plasma, and it seems to have difficulties with visual lag...though that may just be the non-vendor graphics driver.

Got the next set of hardware backed up and staged for to be installed. This will be a burst-capacity build server, art / media station, and to free up the laptop that was driving that display previously. Probably going to try pathenon again?

Slowly the new shape rises from the tangle of past attempts.

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re: labinating, rebuilding main workstation 

Backups completed on the main workstation yesterday,

After a brief fight with the installer (kept crashing on "guided disc partitioning" and after about the third try to guess at what partitions the installer needed manually) i gave up and just installed again. Too frustrating to keep trying the same 20+ interactions and putting in user accounts and such to have it randomly blink away and not even be sure it was something I had done the first two times.

The takeaway for me, here, is that basic functionality polish is outside scope for many, if not most, open source projects. Accessibility, is a tacked-on-after-the-fact consideration.

Simply having my choices-so-far be written to the free space on my drive, and having the option to resume after each crash, would have kept me persisting towards installing the base system that I dearly want to use.

But for now, familiarity has momentum.

And I suppose it's not the worst thing to not be running bleeding edge all the time everywhere, eh?

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body (back & spine), ironworking, pain management tools 

here's a bit of metal that came from a truck salvage done with an uncle.

then, it was a leafspring.

now, it's a muscle-un-knotting tool.

The combination of the metal work chair frame and gravity means that, for the first time in months, i can get at those spikes of knots in my back, under the shoulder blades of each side, just by sitting at my workstation and reclining the chair slightly.

This massage tool is bringin my poor, aching back some meaningful relief, and if you make your own, please share!

(...because spending three tens on something plastic via an e-commerce megacorp seems ick)

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re: labinating, sources meta, root cause analysis 

That which cannot be repaired is broken already.
That which cannot be recycled is broken already.
That which cannot be modified is broken already.

These things are easy to demonstrate, and easy to remediate. Living them, however, happens one step at a time. It happens in conversations where we choose to use better language, and moments when we choose to use less destructive options.

Truly there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, which is why we must give, give, give to one another who have need. Give food. Give shelter. Give kindness and space to be hurting.

We cannot make things better through any one focus alone, but by combining our foci and exchanges of perspective, each of us finding balance.

There is no perfect victim, and expectations that one will be so is untenable.

My home is in someone else's driveway. Existing here invites constant scrutiny and threat of cop-calling from my landperson.

Still, I find ways to make progress towards things that benefit us all. My work in the garden, at the forge, and in open source, not to mention the woodworking and cross-discipline tinkering.

Most of us are surrounded by reminders of all that we cannot change, so perhaps you will share some of your successes.

Today, I am resting.

Tomorrow is another big lift.

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service request, network norms 

@EU_Commission respectfully, please add content warnings to the stuff you post.

Many people on the network you've joined will block and mute you purely on principle when political content is shoved at our feeds without a content warning.

If you continue to use the assumptions and patterns you've learned on other social medias, you will have a bad time here.

re: labinating, efficiency wins, long 

Major update to the layout & arrangement of our prototyping lab.

Been about a month and a half in progress.

As of today's grid measurements, when the printer kicks on and all the monitors power up, the workstation comes on and the laptop boots, power level usage will peak below a kilowatt.

We've got about 7-20 watts of solar that keep small pieces of it going without routine intervention. About half of it is just sticking the panel out the window until the light fades, every day. A manually switched network of solar power, less a grid than a series of buckets and several fountains.

It's not or even really sharable..and...we'll get there eventually. maybe?

This sub-kilowatt energy usage peak means a 2/3 reduction in overall lab computing energy usage over the last 5 years, and once the network stack is...appropriately hardened for today's network environment...we'll see how remote services compare to before the jump. I expect to break the 1kw boundary again slightly when things like the game world backend are at full load, and, managing that will be the point of the next iteration of optimizations.

This also means that my entire professional computing stack runs off less than two hundred watts under moderate load, and when the workstation isn't necessary, that number drops into the double digits. This iteration of the lab is capabilities-driven, so when idle systems shut down we drop from 75ish watts to like 13-17 watts, total computing stack draw. And I'll often just pull the mains breaker on my way out for the night, so it's like 2/3 duty cycle if that.

We're aiming for total wattage in the single digits or below (what can you do for a is XD) and also ...

...this is us celebrating, as the old lab (circa 2015) was over 1kw idle and 2kw average.

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sign language at a distance, human-computing interface meta, emerging need 

Oi, great and mighty fedi, whomst collectively knows much that is hidden from i/we, a lowly engineer...

...what are good options for integrating JUST sign language support into an app?


(This post brought to you by the extensive sign-language shared between myself & kiddo that, when i am outside the room or not paying attention when they try to communicate, their distress at being unable to communicate (still only a handful of verbalized words) or having nobody who understands it well enough to translate, and that pushes their anxiety levels (and subsequent externalizing of their internal chaos & frustration) into the space.)

What development kits are available, are there things that actually work at the moment, give me what you've got.

Due to...stress...among other thigns...I am having increasingly extended periods of nonverbal. During those times, my sign language use can become...difficult to read for people operating outside my hyperaccellerated internal time model. Even a simple computer has enough processing power to more than keep up with my rate of hand-words tho, and my first thought of combining something like the Leap Motion controller ( and it was going to run into some problems almost immediately. Most significantly my lack of knowledge about what currently works, because I'd like to start there, rather than devving in isolation as is my normal.

This is way outside my knowledge / experience level, but am certain that i can eventually tinker my way towards understanding and a solution of sorts, and I'm actively seeking advice here.

The goal is something capable of USB output in the form of english-language words, but the idea is a completely self-contained sensor & display that would allow me to set it down, make a series of signs, and then mildly correct the intent before showing it to someone, or sending in chat, etc.

(This is an interface, and comments pushing dogma or techno-theology will not be appreciated, already heard it a few times and still disagree with basically everything except , thanks.)

Boost okay, interactions and questions are okay, even just a link to that one thing you saw and saved about an adjacent topic might give me a place to evolve from.

Thanks, y'all.
Peace on your path.

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re: labinating, BACKUPS 

Have you done your backups?

I certainly hadn't.

Making some tweaks to my workflow to include a USB drive has given me redundancy now, and will allow me to migrate all but my newest storage pod without needing to bring the workstation online.

Which is good, because the workstation has been down for a month while I've been rebuilding the floor, part of a wall, and the ceiling.

Currently fighting the fibreglass insulation miniboss, which necessitates a lot of relocating, taping / shielding, and coverings.

The outer skin of the lab seems intact, but enough moisture had seeped in that the thin plyboard had warped and de-laminated, so the insulation bits were becoming a hazard.

Still fighting the back pain from last fall. Everything is taking ten or twenty times as long.

One more step.

Backups are the next step.

Have you done your backups?

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re: labinating 

Figured out that I've broken the install script (again), so taking a break for bioengine fuel while contemplating change fragility.

Small measures of forward motion...there is now a test function that can be called to verify that an install environment is possible or not. This is revealing a lot of flaky decisions I've not yet refactored.

So, yaknow. It goes.

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re: workout outcomes, labinating, jobbinating mention 

Weeeelllll the printer is working again, but wireless capabilities are down.

Soooooo calling that enough of a success and celebrating by applying to a couple more corpitek roles that i, just in case the next compile kills the rest of the network stack and I gotta do a hard reset. Again.

As one does.

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re: labinating, currently playing (link to youtube of local copy), thoughts about where we are as a society 

What are you willing to do for love?

What amount of outrage will move you to action?

Why did we say "never again" if we were unwilling to do anything?

These are not new problems.
This is not new resolve.
This is simply accepting my part.

I choose to build.

What do you choose?

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giving the fans a workout, labinating, currently playing (link to youtube of local copy) 

...system processor stable at 96.5C, turbo & auxiliary cooling engaged.

Let. There. Be.


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half-assed startup ideas, workplace safety, donate to bail funds 

...publishing psychological safety ratings of organizations by polling recently terminated employees and it's all about naming and shaming the places and people who make it unsafe to exist as diverse, unhomogenized identities.

We can call it "white canary" or something, and it can be a circle of blindfolded white birds around a scene where a rainbow-hued songbird is choking out the flag snek despite being halfway into the gullet of the reptile.

Something about weaponizing their toxicity against them, and representing whistleblower cases.

(...seriously tho, please donate to BIPOC-led bail funds instead of doing this, please.)

(Bail funds are reusable and one of the better ways to help change in areas with meaningful resistance against the widespread legalized gangs of armed militants.)

2022075: sundown dot lab (gardening) 

the harvest from the greenhouse / pandemic garden-pots to date are green onions and small potatos.

This intentionally small start has offered much to inform the cultivator of soup greens and ingredients.

Namely, that potatos are slow to grow, yet can survive and be harvested even long past ideal timing.

It taught i/we much about resiliancy and survival.

We ate some of these in soup, and the sprouts we replanted.

With today's planting, we begin the second layer of establishing a repeating harvest. Three distinct stages of previous planting were attemoted, and cold damaged those plants, which are only just now beginning to flourish again. Because the three relatively close together earlier plantings were "cut off" at basically ground level by hard frosts chilling the greenhouse airtemp below freezing, the new growth on them all is relatively similar.

A pair of squashes have slowly raised their leaves, and willow sprouts have been popping up from both of the pruning starts from the tree i/we grew up under.

All in all, a satisfying day, despite the lack ig a nap.

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meta, follower poll, politics-adjacent but positive? 

I've been breaking my own directive with this account.

You don't need more yelling about the bad shyte in the world.

Well, maybe you do, but that's what my @eryn account is for.

So, if you want to see all the social boosting, follow me over there. I'm going to be shifting my social change / justice follows over there too, and then disabling most of my timeline.

No more boosts.
No more letting myself get tangled up in the politics of whether or not it's safe to boost something "critical".

Critical stuff goes into the other account, bloop, gone, now I can just log in here, and talk about the stuff i/we and others are doing to make it better.

Punching up, for me, means attitude too.

And if that's not you...that's fine! Zero judgement! You do you. This is a personal thing, just...rethinking how and why and what I post, boost, and engage with from this account.

And, this is where I'm trying to make new mistakes.

Like being authentic and open about my quiet projects designed to undercut the kyriarchy's grip on our collective throats.

I've got a lot of pics to edit, caption, and post.

Here's your chance to impact what takes priority:

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