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I was thinking I'd get ahead of next week's work by starting some stuff now but I think I'm going to work on matrix-floppy 💾 instead.

Two hours of cleaning and I've hoovered the floor, dusted the desk, emptied the bin and put all my postage stamps into one small box. I'm not exactly caught up but it's a lot better now. Very glad I spent the time to do this.

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Image description: a science museum branded digital clock shows the time and date now and the temperature is 39.5°C

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Cleaning up my desk and workspace is about two weeks overdue at this point. Time to catch up.

re: non-commercial use licensing thoughts is an interesting read.

"The use of an -NC license is very rarely justifiable on economic or ideological grounds."

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non-commercial use licensing thoughts 

I'm self-employed which means that things I do can in a way be seen as marketing for getting freelance work even if I don't intend them to be that primarily (e.g. open source software development or blogging). Looking at the CC-NC license I'm pretty certain that means I can't use CC-NC stuff on my personal website without having to worry about someone deciding I'm breaching the license conditions, which technically I probably would be. I wouldn't have this problem if I was just employed by a large company to make big profit instead.

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Trying to change the direct debit on my data only SIM card, but to verify me I need to tell them what the last call I made was. Seems they don't understand the "data only" bit.

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updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

I wish I knew how to use xclip correctly such that I can paste stuff in Firefox (like Ctrl+V for AWS Session Manager, not middle click). I can't figure out what's going on in the man page.

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"Below you can see three density plots of some distributions. Could you guess their standard deviations? The correct answers are 1.0, 3.0, and 11.0" #maths


Large capacity hard drives got cheap when I wasn't paying attention. 8TB drives are now costing less than the 3TB drives I got a few years ago.

Along with FFS2 and RAID 1C now in , I could upgrade my NAS to have nicely encrypted+mirrored storage with 2TB more capacity and leaving two drive slots now free for expansion.

Maybe someone local even wants some second hand 3TB drives to cover part of the cost.

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star trek 

:flan_despair: Just a matter of time now before this place becomes uninhabitable.

Working from a car showroom today while the car gets a service and roadworthiness check. This is basically a holiday in 2021.

sysadmin, mh 

Sometimes fighting with computers to make them produce the desired output or side effects can be exhausting. Does anyone have a zsh snippet that can add motivational messages to your prompt? Perhaps to display a message if the last two or three commands return non-zero exit status or something, or to just check in occasionally otherwise.

Maybe getting my shell to look after me isn't the right way to go about this.

programming stuff 

Just learned today about subclassing typing.NamedTuple to be able to add nice docstrings to your named tuples and this is great. Going to have to go back to everything I've used collections.namedtuple for in the past and update my code.

New thing I'm hacking on to archive chat history: 💾

The idea is that you can run it continually, and it'll generate a static HTML site with the complete history of each room you're in.

Later I might add "meetbot" like features to record individual meetings.

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