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Trying to change the direct debit on my data only SIM card, but to verify me I need to tell them what the last call I made was. Seems they don't understand the "data only" bit.

@dashie oh and if you get an AP9631 card for network monitoring let me know I /might/ be able to find you a temperature sensor in my box of stuff and just post it to you. i don't need two in the same rack.

@dashie it depends on the form factor. if you get the shuttle type it can be £70 for a APC battery. mine is the half-depth 2U rack type which is £250 for a battery because it comes pre-assembled in a metal tray with 4 batteries wired together.

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updated 2021 suggested fediverse success metrics 

- lessons learned from marginalized people
- friendships formed and maintained
- worthwhile conversations had
- comments remembered months or years later
- support and validation given and received
- honesty entrusted to one's social circle
- furries petted
- pets received
- stress levels associated with reading home timeline and notifications
- pleasure derived from same
- neat creations shared
- acceptance felt

@dashie ok yeah that would do it! that is certainly some stuff.

in professional datacenter but on a budget we had redundant power supplies but only hooked up one to the UPS, on the basis that we don't expect both a power supply failure and a power outage on the same day. the UPS will condition the line, so if there's over/under voltage/frequency it'll run on battery power to protect the equipment.

remember when you buy a UPS though, it's not just a one-time cost, you need to keep the batteries replaced every 5 years to keep a decent runtime on them.

@dashie wow you must have some stuff plugged in. 120W does two cisco phones, a switch, apc netbotz rack monitor, microserver, my desktop, my monitor and running the ic-9700 scanning local vhf frequencies. i used to have an 800VA one, but I wanted to get the automated shutdown and switched outlet features and you only start to get those really at 1500VA in the APC product line.

for second hand, you might want to see if anyone is getting rid of one with dead batteries, then get a non-APC battery cartridge to replace them. that's probably your cheapest option.

if you want to get cool remote access features I really like the AP9631 SmartSlot card for that (and you can even plug in a temperature sensor to keep watch on the rack). do not be fooled by the newer APC UPS with built-in ethernet ports, they only go to some crappy cloud service that might be unreachable in a power outage anyway, you need to have the SmartSlot card aiui.

@dashie is it actually 900W or is that just adding up the power supply ratings? my power supplies are rated for ~2000W if you add them all up but my average load is 120W. I use a 1500VA UPS with one switched outlet so that I can shut down things safely if the battery is getting low and then I can keep the wifi and router running for a while after that.

@pamela I like to refer to the standards that talk about things like maximum time for delivery (measured in days), and point out that if you sent it via email then you can expect it could take that long to even arrive, let alone for me to read it.

@nsc Thanks! That's exactly it. I was getting confused by the "target" option and trying to work out what to put in there, but I guess I was in completely the wrong place in the man page.

I wish I knew how to use xclip correctly such that I can paste stuff in Firefox (like Ctrl+V for AWS Session Manager, not middle click). I can't figure out what's going on in the man page.

@Ventronik @geotech I browse the local timeline most days, but work has been busy recently and I feel like I've posted less. Don't know if I actually have but that's my perception.

I feel like the federated timeline on any instance past a certain size is destined to be garbage because literally any user can add to it so unless you're curating you're going to kick people off there's little you can do there.

Pleroma had a thing for excluding users/instances from the federated timeline but I don't know if Mastodon has that.

@stsp thanks for letting me know! that could have been an expensive disappointment.

i'm still hacking on networking stuff for now but maybe i'll diversify into softraid later.

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"Below you can see three density plots of some distributions. Could you guess their standard deviations? The correct answers are 1.0, 3.0, and 11.0" #maths


Large capacity hard drives got cheap when I wasn't paying attention. 8TB drives are now costing less than the 3TB drives I got a few years ago.

Along with FFS2 and RAID 1C now in , I could upgrade my NAS to have nicely encrypted+mirrored storage with 2TB more capacity and leaving two drive slots now free for expansion.

Maybe someone local even wants some second hand 3TB drives to cover part of the cost.

@vfrmedia I have a couple of nice ties but probably wear one once every 4 years on average. It’s the safety hazard thing. Even if I’m not working on machinery it could get trapped in a car door or elevator or escalator or whatever it’s just not worth it.

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star trek 

:flan_despair: Just a matter of time now before this place becomes uninhabitable.

Working from a car showroom today while the car gets a service and roadworthiness check. This is basically a holiday in 2021.

@brand are you sure it's not just you that's got your monitor turned the wrong way? 2021 is portrait not landscape.

@solene I've wanted to get one of these myself but haven't ever been able to find one affordably. They're quite a niche product I guess.

re: sysadmin, mh 

@ND3JR yeah i found which is similar and contains a whole database, but it'd be good to get some sysadmin specific things instead of general motivation. something that can tell me it's ok to typo the same command 3 times in a row, or perhaps more intelligently suggest maybe it's time for a break.

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