@vfrmedia @nuala I have this same feeling when I look at people excited about football

@randomgeek tftest looks really useful, didn’t know about it. will try to play with that soon.

@randomgeek ah but not automated? Terraform is already declarative so the only automated tests I do right now are lint stuff.

@wolf480pl I have used a midi controller with a Python script to emit mqtt and control hue bulbs and stuff via home assistant

i’ve been away a while but now I want to get back here. what’s been happening in the fedi iOS app ecosystem? what should i install?

Do you live in the UK and would you like a PowerPC MacBook G4 to play with? Pay for postage and it's yours. It does occasionally power off when moved not sure if it's the power connector or something else.

I'm thinking to add a second protocol for hambsd.org information in addition to having the website, but encryption over the radio is usually illegal. What should I add? :boost_ok:

It's a good idea to close all browser windows.

@satanskrapfen I have a pair of 3M peltor ear defenders (not headphones) and it is so nice to just wear them sometimes and hear nothing.

I do wish mastodon would prompt me to like the post I'm replying to before it lets me reply to it so I don't have to like it afterwards and look silly.

It's interesting to look back at old laptop lids and see the stickers I had on there. This is my Thinkpad X60 lid from when I went to uni. It would be pretty unlikely that I'd have a giant GPL sticker now, following all the license compatibility nonsense I've gone through since entering the real world. @SDF is still cool though.

Is there anyone in my followers (in the UK preferably, but I'll post to the EU too) with a retro setup that needs a Microsoft Intellimouse? It's PS/2 connector, scroll wheel and ball. I just don't want to throw it in the bin.

Office desk just doesn’t seem to get messy like home desk does. Need to work out what I’m doing right here.

hackers.town has new amateur radio emoji available!


thanks to @dzuk for making these and @thegibson for installing them.

going to have to toot more stuff now so i can make good use of them.

@Gargron it's not really a backup unless it's in multiple universes and timelines

@imp sure! always happy to be followed by town people.

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