Do you live in the UK and would you like a PowerPC MacBook G4 to play with? Pay for postage and it's yours. It does occasionally power off when moved not sure if it's the power connector or something else.

I'm thinking to add a second protocol for information in addition to having the website, but encryption over the radio is usually illegal. What should I add? :boost_ok:​

It's a good idea to close all browser windows.

@satanskrapfen I have a pair of 3M peltor ear defenders (not headphones) and it is so nice to just wear them sometimes and hear nothing.

I do wish mastodon would prompt me to like the post I'm replying to before it lets me reply to it so I don't have to like it afterwards and look silly.

It's interesting to look back at old laptop lids and see the stickers I had on there. This is my Thinkpad X60 lid from when I went to uni. It would be pretty unlikely that I'd have a giant GPL sticker now, following all the license compatibility nonsense I've gone through since entering the real world. @SDF is still cool though.

Is there anyone in my followers (in the UK preferably, but I'll post to the EU too) with a retro setup that needs a Microsoft Intellimouse? It's PS/2 connector, scroll wheel and ball. I just don't want to throw it in the bin.

Office desk just doesn’t seem to get messy like home desk does. Need to work out what I’m doing right here. has new amateur radio emoji available!

:handheld:​ :handmic:​ :base:​ :tower:​

thanks to @dzuk for making these and @thegibson for installing them.

going to have to toot more stuff now so i can make good use of them.

@Gargron it's not really a backup unless it's in multiple universes and timelines

@imp sure! always happy to be followed by town people.

blockchain use-case, software dev 

a blockchain for unit tests where you can pay to add your unit test to a package and if the developer breaks your test case they have to pay you proportionally to the amount of time the test has been passing or they can't release their software Opportunistic untargeted crime exists on the internet, and as such we are all persons under threat. Literally multiple times an hour I will be harassed by banners to give my consent for my data to be collected, bundled and sold to advertisers. The only variable is the degree of that threat.

You can use other browsers with Tor, but you need to recognise the role that Tor browser is playing. The Tor client gives you network-level anonymity while Tor Browser gives you application-level anonymity. While other browsers could provide the same protection, currently none do.

A VPN only gives you network-level anonymity and does not protect you against browser fingerprinting attacks. Even then, it is technically possible to provide a capability to de-anonymise users which can be used by national security letter or technical capability notice or whatever laws apply in that jurisdiction. The servers you're talking to will be able to link up your visits because you'll stand out as unique. Tor Browser makes an effort to make all Tor Browser users look the same, so you blend in, but your Firefox will be a specific version with specific resolution and you've got a specific set of fonts installed and a specific screen DPI etc etc.

You may be leaking information to people watching your Tor connection because of timing or request sizes, but that's more theoretical (afaik).

You will be leaking information between the Tor exit and the server you're talking to because your TLS cipher suites and version will stand out as unique.

Seriously, just use Tor Browser if you are worried.

if you bump the major version on your software you get to tell everyone it's new and better and also break all your users at once. sounds like a win win to me. who even needs minor versions?

further reading:

@florian I was just thinking as I was doing this it'd be great to have some tool to load up a profile and recent toots with simple yes/no buttons for keeping them around. I've still got a lot left to go through because my account wasn't locked for so long.

I've gone through and unfollowed and removed a bunch of followers. This has been mostly based on recent activity and mostly accounts that have been "dormant" for more than 6 months. If I have removed you from following me then you likely won't see this, but still, if you do then you can always submit a fresh follow request and this time I might even follow you back.

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