Office desk just doesn’t seem to get messy like home desk does. Need to work out what I’m doing right here.

@irl I've actually recently solved this problem for myself by doing a few things:

* Considering myself a tidy person (i.e. a person who likes things to be tidy and is more productive that way, regardless of whether I like tidying) and that it's a habit that I just haven't invested in yet
* Deciding on the minimum set of things I need on my desk in order to be productive and enforcing that they are the *only* things allowed on my desk
* Get my desk to that state
* Refuse to do any work unless my desk is in that state.

I think that part of the trick here is to consider that area in isolation - so the rest of the room can be a shithole but the desk has to be clear, and this is not hypocritical - you just haven't come up with those rules for the rest of the room yet but you'll get there :P

I dunno if any of that speaks to your situation but I figured I'd share just in case it is.

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