@irl Congratulations. I use pycurl too and I'm happy with it.

@irl Did python curl actually go to mars?

@irl very nice how @GitHub acknowledges the contributions to software projects used in the #mars mission


@irl wow, congrats!! Curl is on there too (already everywhere but now also Mars!) but unfortunately I contributed too late (version used is apparently 7.19.0 which was released Sep 1, 2008 (!!), so pretty old haha). Darn was hoping something I helped made it up there...
Still, awesome work, thanks to you and everyone who made this and other great things happen/possible!

@irl update/correction: curl version used bumped to 7.72.0, not sure what caused the change -- author reached out to GitHub according to comments on their blog post about this, so maybe that triggered it. Anyway yay bc that other version was old, and because haha now I get the badge! Yay!

@irl Congratulations ! I also use your code, thank you so much !

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