non-commercial use licensing thoughts 

I'm self-employed which means that things I do can in a way be seen as marketing for getting freelance work even if I don't intend them to be that primarily (e.g. open source software development or blogging). Looking at the CC-NC license I'm pretty certain that means I can't use CC-NC stuff on my personal website without having to worry about someone deciding I'm breaching the license conditions, which technically I probably would be. I wouldn't have this problem if I was just employed by a large company to make big profit instead.

re: non-commercial use licensing thoughts is an interesting read.

"The use of an -NC license is very rarely justifiable on economic or ideological grounds."

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re: non-commercial use licensing thoughts 

@irl this is interesting... I was struggling to work out what license to use for publishing code on my website.

I was (still am?) Considering some sort of "source available- do no harm" license with some examples of who could use it (school, charity, personal, coop, etc but not if they host hate speech, deny climate change, etc) but that just feels difficult to codify.

Maybe just an "ask me" would work

It's all posturing really.


re: non-commercial use licensing thoughts 

@M0YNG Copyright is only enforceable by action of state violence (e.g. sheriff or bailiff), so right from the start it's not something I'm super excited about.

The problem with codifying rules on what can and can't be done with things is that there will be people that have use cases you haven't thought of. It would be arrogant to assume that you've thought of every use case that might come up. You also make your work incompatible with the larger body of unrestricted works, which grows larger every year as things fall into the public domain.

I can be clear that I won't offer support to racists, fascists, transphobes, etc. in terms of development that would help their use cases but I'm not going to waste my time with threats of state violence against people that don't follow the complicated rules I dream up which, even if you're following them, could be pretty anxiety inducing.

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