sysadmin, mh 

Sometimes fighting with computers to make them produce the desired output or side effects can be exhausting. Does anyone have a zsh snippet that can add motivational messages to your prompt? Perhaps to display a message if the last two or three commands return non-zero exit status or something, or to just check in occasionally otherwise.

Maybe getting my shell to look after me isn't the right way to go about this.

sysadmin, mh 

@irl FWIW I've seen some shells set up to run the fortune command on login. Maybe you could put some motivational messages into the format fortune uses and tell it to display only those messages on login.

re: sysadmin, mh 

@ND3JR yeah i found which is similar and contains a whole database, but it'd be good to get some sysadmin specific things instead of general motivation. something that can tell me it's ok to typo the same command 3 times in a row, or perhaps more intelligently suggest maybe it's time for a break.

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