New drink (to me at least) to give some variety to wfh

Interesting how I can kinda make out me sitting on the chair taking the photo in the reflection off the bottle.

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The first mouthful was pretty weird. I wasn't ready for that at all. It was over pretty quickly and I didn't have time to think about what it actually tasted like but it was intense.

It seems I've adjusted to it pretty quickly though, and it's more like a regular mate drink now. Still got that classic smoking a tea shop aftertaste.

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@grimmware It's from AlterDrinks. I got one case of Club Mate and one case of Fritz Mate. Only the Fritz Mate arrived so far though, the FedEx driver said he'll be back this afternoon with the other box.

@grimmware They were sold out of the big bottles but you should be able to get yourself some 330ml bottles. The shipping is expensive though because glass. Just getting this as a one-off thing.

@irl Yeah Hannah got us a crate of the big bottles about a month ago as a one-off thing and I've been nursing the last few.

@grimmware There's something about Mate that means I do actually drink it more slowly than cola for example. I can destroy a 300ml can of cola in seconds but this 330ml Fritz Mate has lasted over an hour and I've got more value out of it.

@irl Yeah, there's something strangely compelling about fizzy tobacco water that really makes you want to savor it...

I'm the same, coke or red bull I just hoon through without noticing I'm drinking it.

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