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We're in the final countdown - in six hours, I'll be presenting a casual talk about what #theTubes are and how it could be useful in various scenarios as part of's Virtual Hackerspace meeting

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 at 6 PM EDT / 10 PM UTC.

Meeting will be livestreamed on and

#hackerWeekend #vhs #hackersTown

I got fooled by timezone once again

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Is there a hosting provider (VPS, dedicated server) not located within the five eyes or the European Economic Area that you would recommend?

It was missing "allowed IPs" all along <insert upside down emoji here>

I might have deleted a route for nothing, might need to add it back in :think_bread:

re: android, oneplus One 

and kudos to that person:

Because I really need to update META-INF/com/google/android everytime it seems

getprop("") != "OnePlus" || getprop("") != "ONE" || abort("This package is for \"OnePlus\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("") + "\"."); 
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This looks liek the shiny rom my spare phone wanted to have

Magic keys/sysrq are really useful when they work

read the article, post it on HT, scroll down, here is the article again

@banjofox not sure you are aware (sorry if you already know) but is down right now

the tubes 

DNS stuff


If I bring my peering up with, then I cannot resolve anything.
`.sundogistan` do work but that's about it.

Is that expected behavior currently ?

I'll have you know that @y0x3y is cool, in case you didn't know

Any good DE (Desktop Environment) or WM (window manager) that is not tilling and that is not gnome/kde/xfce/mate/cinamon ?

"runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference" someone is having a bad day

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Raspberry Pi remote shell? UART? 

Is Raspberry Pi remote shell via UART possible? Like a console connection? I'm looking around but can't really find anything.

I want remote access via another server via USB -> GPIO UART or something, if I for instance mess up network configuration and lock myself out.

#selfhosted #raspberrypi #sysadmin #askfedi

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Is there an existing Linux utility/command to check if a given IP address [arg1] belongs to a given subnet [arg2]?

ipchecker arg1 arg2

Such as:
* "ipchecker" returns True
* "ipchecker" returns False

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Resist Anti-Trespass (R-AT) has squatted an abandoned pizza restaurant in #London and will be serving free pizza all day as part of an action to resist the authoritarian police bill that criminalizes trespass and protest!

Come down to Wardour St, W1F and show your support by trespassing for free pizza!

Trespass is about mutual aid, protest and survival. We will not be criminalized for existing!

Love, rage and pizza
Pizza R-AT 🍕🐀

please share widely x

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