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#sysadmin #ipmi has anybody any ideas on how to emulate "pressing F11" through an ipmitool connection?

I've tried various combinations of shift F1, escape stuff, after reading but I'm profoundly confused.

Malicious dot life is a great domain name

current status 

fraggin in TheTubes

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Anyone in #infosec know anything about a vulnerability or problem with Tanium? Like why it might be accessing the Citrix reg key?

UK, 3d printing 

Anyone in the UK I could send a broken piece of plastic and get a 3d model back ?


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seven nines sounds fancy and shit but you only get three seconds to yourself every year at that rate. you deserve better. we all deserve better. say no to seven nines.

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Sorry I'm upset at computers because I cannot flash a hudl 2 because it is some intel crap.

x86 on tablets they said, pfff


Interesting write up.
Clear, consice, yet all steps are explained.
Nice one

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If LG TV have been rooted again, maybe we can install wireguard on them :thinkingwithblobs:

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Retro game repair question 

This is a long shot, but is there a safe way to move those fancy lenticular n64 cartridge labels (Majora's Mad is the only one I know) to a new shell? I don't think anyone is manufacturing new labels like that, but if you know where to find them then that's appreciated as well.

Boosts are appreciated!

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As a programmer who uses software

I need to be careful complaining about software

or someone will think i volunteered to fix it

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as promised, I've uploaded the slide deck from my presentation yesterday about #theTubes

you can find it at is also the new home of the scant documentation I've thrown together so far, but now that I spent money on a domain there's a higher likelihood that I'll clean it up more from here on out ;)

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If anyone managed to get onto and has quake 3 installed, have a look at the local servers πŸ‘€

(if you don't have quake3 put your web browser towards , that should help you get started)

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"We're reinventing wheels. We love reinventing wheels. We learn how wheels work." -- @djsundog

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