I have much kit to give away, stuff that would delight any hacker or hacker to be, many project to be had.
Anyone in the UK fancy getting a box of random stuff to tinker with?

No context 

If it requires a thin layer, don't call me

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Get fedi hired 

Adam over at Stripe is looking for Oauth/webappauth folks. If you are a good fit, and apply, let me know and I’ll drop a bug in his ear.


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I am once again thinking about maplin

am I asking the impossible by looking for a USB sound card that (only) has a toslink out?

so do I rebuild k-9 with the debug flag on ?
so I can my own password back?

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NHS data grab postponed to Sep 1 

The NHS data grab was pushed back a few weeks. As a result, you have a bit more time to opt out of your data winding up with the likes of Palantir - Sep 1, where before it had been Jun 23. Best, though, would be to get it to your practice a week or so before then, to ensure it goes through in time.

Note that there are two parts to this - first is a "Type 1 Opt-Out", which prevents them from sharing your GP data; the second step prevents non-GP info like hospital treatments being shared. The first is the most important, and needs to be done by Sep 1. The second can be done online, if it's just for yourself.


The above link has one version of the form, or you can use NHS Digital's own (docx, unfortunately):


You should be able to email this to your practice, or NHS Digital can post a copy to you if you call them on 0300 3035678.


ha, this might come handy on older hardware.
I need to give it a go github.com/timwr/CVE-2016-5195

Starting to spend some money on this idea.
It better works

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CTZN, long 

Ok, so there is a postmotem about this software that does decentralise P2P twitter.

I enjoyed seen it grow and being silly there.
What I think people do again and again is that they think computer system for computers instead of a tool for humans.

Here is the PostMortem:

The end is very telling:

"Something I didn’t discuss here, but which factored heavily, was how moderation factored into CTZN’s design flaws. All I can say is, nobody wants to be tasked with being a moderator, nobody wants to be moderated, and moderation is crucial to any online forum. Improving on the current state of things is non-trivial and I’m unsure whether decentralized tech offers any unique benefits or costs; it seems to be roughly the same challenge as it ever is."

Yeah, I mean it is almost like we have fought very hard to get better moderation tools on masto and what makes it usable.
This cannot be an after thought.
The tools we have here are better than elsewhere but still so broken.

So yeah, if you don't come in with a design that has strong moderation capability (coming from experience or a very _very_ good understanding of what it is like to be a target on social media), your platform will not add much, it is just the same flavor with a different name on the can.

re: Audio and data encryption ? 

boost welcome and much appreciated

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Audio and data encryption ? 

Anyone know some software that take:
* an audio file (say PCM raw or wav)
* a passphrase
* some data

and then:
* encrypt the data
* add it as sound to the audio file

I don't need the data to be big (few kilobytes would be a lot).
I could really do with the "encrypted as sound" part to be resistant to being compressed, which I think is really hard and probably why I cannot find anything that does that.

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