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I'm working for Google.

5+ years of experience teaching robots to recognize traffic lights, crosswalks, bicycles and stuff.

police brutality 

Friendly reminder, breonna Taylor’s murders are being offered book deals. This fight has yet to start.

Each time I try to understand GPG/PGP and use it properly, I scream.

I'm considering using a small fanless x86-64 computer as a router for experiment purposes.
Let's say I install the OS (OpenWRT/OPNSense) on a SATADOM SSD.

Is it fine to brutally (un)plug it to power it on/off the same way one would with a regular router?
Or that's asking for trouble?

In the end, I might stop using YouTube just because of the annoying cookie page thingy, not because Google.

OK! I solved it, not touching anything anymore until Monday.

Be careful when you upgrade nextcloud 20.x to 21.x friends.

Have a nice weekend :bunhdhappy:

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I made a mistake. It's Friday evening 6pm.
Ran an upgrade on a prod server, upgrade failed. Service unavailable.
I am a fool

I'm working for Google.

5+ years of experience teaching robots to recognize traffic lights, crosswalks, bicycles and stuff.

How can I be that bad at front-end web dev? Can it be cured?
I am still stuck at the FrontPage Express era of webdesign.

I'm about to finish a handy python script to easily update DNS zones through Gandi LiveDNS API.

I worked on it all afternoon and will certainly forget about it in a couple of weeks. So I'll just make a repo/gist somewhere if there is any interest for it.

Is there a hosting provider (VPS, dedicated server) not located within the five eyes or the European Economic Area that you would recommend?

uBlock origin - youtube

Everyone. DON'T buy Toshiba Canvio external hard drives.
Thought I would be able to backup my friend's data because the enclosure doesn't power on, but...

Gonna make some trials with streaming soon. Probably with .

Is there a way to stress test a streaming server (vps) to check how many clients it's capable to handle before breakage/throttling?

Is there an existing Linux utility/command to check if a given IP address [arg1] belongs to a given subnet [arg2]?

ipchecker arg1 arg2

Such as:
* "ipchecker" returns True
* "ipchecker" returns False

Is there such a thing as a 8hp ( format) perforated prototyping PCB I could order somewhere?

Is it fine to use a database/table as a way to store small pictures?

The pictures wouldn't be high res, but larger than thumbnails. (under 2MB)

For people who have an account on birdsite.

Can captions/descriptions can be added to uploaded images on the same way it can be done on mastodon?

I just heard about the autonomous zone #OrishaLand in Austin, TX, USA - and I think it's awesome. I'm a big fan of the "Autonomous Zone"-Idea and I love that the Black activists chose this format. They will need lots of support though, I know from experience these projects take a lot of energy to maintain, and cops + fascists do not sleep.

thank you @noyovo for spreading the word!

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