I want to start like a thing but I don’t really know if the name is accurate.

It would be very unrealistic to try to do a whole month without technology.

I would fail, if I could even get myself in the position to try (I need it for my job so that’s right out).

Scrolling and then seeing this caused me to stop and my heart kinda did that anxiety feel.

I don’t mind people, projects, etc, sharing self promo but this is just a standard social media ad style and I can’t do it.

@RussSharek ..."And while you're there, stop in to try the new..."

Imagine businesses being able to pay GPS Maps apps to direct people by their businesses more often.

Not just like paying to get a higher listing when someone searches “Chinese food near me”.

I’m talking like maybe you need to get to a CVS and the GPS takes you on a path by a specific billboard you would not have otherwise taken.

The fact that our culture has common phrases like "working for the weekend", "a case of the Mondays", and "TGIF!" indicate that we are doing something wrong.

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Reject your job as an identity and embrace it as simply a means to an end.

@deluge I hate to say it but what you posted right here is an articulate version of how the right-wing folks view Drs, CDC, etc.

I wanted to mute it because I was sitting under it and no one else was around so I just didn’t want to hear it.

The first one tonight was frozen so I knew no one was gonna miss it.

The second one was an important TV about 40 minutes before I fucked with it but at the point I turned it off, there was no one watching

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Got the tv turned back on at this place.

Tried to mute another tv at a diff place and it didn’t catch.

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Anyone else having an issue where their universal remote is turning TVs OFF but not ON?

Linux was created by Linus and that's why I pronounce both names wrong.

re: Resume writing advice 


I would go with "[Administrated/Managed/Coordinated] procedures that [insert the positive result of the change of procedures]."

My first loop for 2022 is available!

Get all my Looptober 2022 loops, stems, and samples for only $1!


The price goes up by $1 every day.

BONUS: I'm donating 10% OR MORE to Hurrican Ian victims (haven't decided on the organization yet).

Listen to Loop 01 here:

Download at megabyteghost.com/looptober

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