We're at a point that it's easy enough to make money online using free tools and someone else's product, that there's no reason to work a $7.25/hr job in fast food, or retail, or hauling bricks, whatever.

And more people are wising up to this.

@g it doesnt help you cannot live independently or afford any work injury at 7.25/hr...

@kemonine For real! Even better is that pretty quickly you can ramp up to at least $15/hr online (with the right knowledge, which is all FREE on the internet already) which out pays MOST of the "nobody wants to work anymore" jobs.

so, what do I need for such a 15 dollars an hour job?


First, do you have any skills at all? Not a problem if the answer is no, but depending on what your answer is changes the direction I would point you.


@g I have some Python, Ruby and HTML/CSS skills, but I'd also rather not do that professionally again as it also means losing my hobby; at least if the projects are as mentally draining as the previous professional ones were.

@FiXato hmm okay. Well if you're serious, DM me. No need for @kemonine to have to listen lol

@g @FiXato im actually reading this thread intently

i have a few friends looking to shift and whatever you put forth i plan on upcyling to at least one other human not on fedi

(please keep it up and me tagged? 👍️ )

@kemonine Oh ok. In that case...

@FiXato, Protecting hobbies and passions is important, so we won't go that path.

The path I would suggest (and it's the path I took) is to find something you're knowledgable about, find someone else selling a related product or course or book, and become an affiliate of the product where I would get a % of every sale I generate.

From there, there are lots of ways to do that. The easiest way is to just start a "blog" (whatever that means anymore) about the subject and sell the product there (through links; you handle none of the transaction stuff). A harder way, but where I found much more success, was YouTube. I didn't have thousands of followers...just barely a hundred. But I was selling a World of Warcraft addon so I just made videos of me doing things w/ the addon and put a link in the description. It really is that easy sometimes.

Another option is to join UpWork and become someone's Virtual Assistant. There are a lot of people out there who want to hire an english-speaking native. Especially since you're a stay-at-home-dad...I would lean into that as your "why you should hire me".

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@g @FiXato smaller shops (ive historically worked at <50 person corps) will also do a /ton/ of outsourced contract work

esp if youre open to learning java or copy editing or technical writing (this last one is the big regret i have from my uni days ; i missed a minor in technical writing by 3 courses and didnt know until a decade later 😢 )

a ton of that stuff will float out into upwork or cnotract for hire sites ; if you have the patience to build up a good client base from those sites you can usually parlay that into a freelance consultancy that does grunt work for hire

i interviewed with a company long ago that was created to do one thing and one thing well: other folks 'shit shoveling' of tech ; they did all kinds of goofy integrations and 'hack jobs' for bridging stuff during data conversions, basic wordpress theme stuff nobody wanted to do themselves, etc

swap out any industry for what ive got above and you /should/ be able to sniff out similar situations ; the actual hard part is figuring out who you need to talk to or get to know

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@g @FiXato as i tell new devs at $dayJob 'youll find most problems are really social problems, once you figure that out the weird bullshit will suddenly make sense'

aka: who do you know and who do you need to know?

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@kemonine @FiXato Speaking of techwriting...I'm thinking of taking up this opportunity:

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