“People don’t succumb to screens because they’re lazy, but instead because billions of dollars have been invested to make this outcome inevitable.” - Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism

“Rewards delivered unpredictably are far more enticing than those delivered with a known pattern…this same basic behavior is replicated in the feedback buttons that have accompanied most social media posts since Facebook introduced the “Like” icon…“Alter goes on to describe users as “gambling” every time they post something on a social media platform: Will you get likes (or hearts or retweets), or will it languish with no feedback?”

Makes me want to leave all social media, including Mastodon.


“In Paleolithic times, it was important that you carefully managed your social standing with other members of your tribe because your survival depended on it…If lots of people click the little heart icon under your latest Instagram post, it feels like the tribe is showing you approval—which we’re adapted to strongly crave.* The other side of this evolutionary bargain, of course, is that a lack of positive feedback creates a sense of distress.”

Please like, share, or respond to this post so I don’t feel distressed.

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