Hello friend,

My name is megabyteGhost, or just Ghost, or just G66, or even just G (lowercase is also fine).

You should folow this account if you like:

  • Hacking the planet
  • Industrial, electronic, and/or rock music
  • Independent video game development
  • Social Engineering
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Digital Sovereignity
  • Smol computing
  • Homebrew computing
  • Other types of digital art

As you can see, I am a person of many hobbies and interests.

Pronouns: whatever, but I’m mostly used to he/him. I mostly present as cis male.

I’ve been referred to as a “cyberpunk monk” which I am honored to be called, but I’m certainly not disciplined in ANYTHING to be considered a monk.

By day I work as a copywriter.

At night I goof around in my many hobbies.

I’m working on starting a publishing company called Approaching Utopia.

I make music under various names, published by Approaching Utopia.

I also write under various names, also published by Approaching Utopia.

I was published in the 2600 in Fall of 2016.

I have 2 badges that I’m pretty sure actually mean nothing:

  1. OSINT Investigations: People (
  2. OSINT in the 6ix (

My tutorials have been recommended by both Security Blue Team and The Cyber Mentor.

Hope you follow and say Hi!

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