The simulation we live in is abandonware.

@g If the Russian nihilists were alive today, this would be right on brand. Or a post modern take on Nietzsche‘s “God is dead.”

@g I liked Musk's joke in his recent interview that if we are living in a simulation, by sending humans to Mars we at least force the simulation to render two planets. :)

@g Abandonware downloaded from a site that filled it full of ads and crypto miners.

@emacsomancer @g There's a genuine "simulated reality" thesis that considers the possibility that we're an accidental, emergent phenomenon in basically a galactic/cosmic scale weather model or something, and that it's unlikely the system can even highlight our existence to the operators before they get their answers and cut the program. :blobsadeyes:

@emacsomancer @g Of course, if you want to get their attention, creating a planetary-scale entropic anomaly is one possible way to trip a debug routine or appear as an outlier in a scatterplot somewhere.. maybe crypto and oil will save us

@seachaint Maybe. Or maybe they'll just say "oh, shit, there's that weird glitch again. better reboot the system".


@seachaint @g

There was also an argument I read that went essentially: "eventually in a universe with any sentient beings complex simulations will be developed; the nature of simulations is such that there will be many more simulations than there actual universes, and so the odds are that we're in a simulation" (the argument was a bit more sophisticated than this).

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