What hand do you write with?

Pls boost for sample size

@g I write with both hands... on a keyboard.

@g usually I write with both hands at the same time. I write the letters qwertasdfgzxcv with my left hand and lkjhpoiuymnb with my right hand.


I would like to point out that "write hand" is tautological.


"write hand" implies "hand I write with". This is always true. QED.


Also: I'm still a little resentful of all of the hours I was forced to waste as a child working on improving my terrible handwriting in the most boring way possible (copying out pages of text).

My handwriting is still terrible enough to qualify as an encryption standard in some countries.

@g I use the right hand to write, not the wrong hand

@g I mean different people have different right hand right?

@SilverWire I don't know much about hands but I've been told I have "two left feet"

@g It means you had more feet before and they're gone now and only two left stopped writing completely since years, i don't remember keyboards, i didn't write anything since i graduated

@Stellar idk I just have to sign my name for one reason or another at least a couple times per year

@g amphibious means when an animal is suited for both land and water, i think you meant ambidextrous though-

@g that literally made me choke from laughing 🤣😅

@g haha is that a i have no mouth and i must scream reference??

@g I mean, /ideally/ I'd be "I have no hands and I must write", but until someone invents species transition in some way we're stuck with right hand.

@g Well, writing on a brailler (braille typewriter) generally requires two hands ...
(What? That's an unique sarcastic answer! It's not a keyboard, after all. :eyeless_grin: )
I was responsible and put myself in the righty club though, because that's what I sign my name with. Just had to be a little annoying alongside, you see?

@Mayana Okay I'm looking at pictures of them and I see what you mean

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