My grandparents recently inherited some documents from my great grandpa who passed away. He worked at NASA and was in the control room on many Apollo launches.

Here is a copy of a quick scan of some of the documents in case anyone wants to see. Some of them are pretty cool!

I plan on going back and scanning them again with a real scanner if I ever get one, instead of just a phone app.


Related. Does anyone know where I could borrow a 1/4 5 tape reel reader of some kind? These were made long before my time and I have no experience with them.

We think it's either a recording from a control room, or an interview with someone.

@fractumseraph the first person I can think of who might have ideas is @mrbill0 .

@ischade @fractumseraph

Unfortunately i sold off my last player a month or two ago, sorry. i will go check the recycle center in a couple days and see if there are any players there.

@mrbill0 I'm impressed and amazed you've seen a player recently. I would've thought those would be long gone. thanks for answering!

@ischade @fractumseraph

They show up often here at the recycle center, but often the belts are goo, and the motors seized. just a bit of running around to find the right motor or belt, but most can be cleaned and repaired.

@mrbill0 you've completely popped my brain. seriously no one I know has used those for 15 years or more. I maybe saw one in 2011? wow. good to know. @fractumseraph

Many libraries have A/V equipment for format conversions

@fractumseraph I had some obscure tape format recordings and I ended up donating them to Stanford since they had a working system. If you can't read that on a standard consumer reel-to-reel system, I'd hit up a local university archive department for leads

@fractumseraph this brings a whole new meaning to scotch tape!

@fractumseraph where are you based in? I have a working tape player here, but I don't know if it's compatible

@fractumseraph ah that sucks, I'm all the way in northern Germany

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