A coworker discovered that two of the numbers are the POS number where the order was completed.
Numbers 4 and 5 are the POS number. At this location 01 means the order was taken inside, and 03 mean it was a drive through order.
It could also be that those numbers are showing the type of order, rather than the station, since this location has a dedicated POS for each. I'll test this when I have a chance.

This leaves only the very last two numbers.

[Last 3 digits of the check/ticket number][POS or Order type]-[Store number]-[Time][Time offset]-[Day of the month][Last two digits are still unknown]

So survey code

Would be check number X012, at POS 34, Store number 56789, at 1am, time offset 23 (whatever time zone that is), on the 45th day of the month (look this is just an example okay?), And I still have no idea what the numbers 67 would mean.

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Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are the last three numbers of the check number.
And in the last section, the first two numbers are the day of the month.

So I still need the last two numbers of the first section, and the last two numbers of the last section.

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45015-50180-1005-1524 10:00 Mobile 2450

So far I know that the first 5 numbers seem to be increasing over time.
The second set of 5 numbers is the store number.
The first two numbers of the next set are the hour. I'm thinking the other two numbers might be the time offset. (central time)
I have no idea about the last set of numbers.

So I've got

And I don't know the specifics of the first set, or anything about the last set.

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I'm trying to figure out how the survey code for the receipts at this fast food store are generated. Does anyone have any advice?

Code, the time, the type of order, and some of them have the check number on the end. (But I didn't think to record this until later so a lot of them don't.)


Sorry, can't find a non-facebook link.

March currently happening in Fayetteville.


Related. Does anyone know where I could borrow a 1/4 5 tape reel reader of some kind? These were made long before my time and I have no experience with them.

We think it's either a recording from a control room, or an interview with someone.

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My grandparents recently inherited some documents from my great grandpa who passed away. He worked at NASA and was in the control room on many Apollo launches.

Here is a copy of a quick scan of some of the documents in case anyone wants to see. Some of them are pretty cool!


I plan on going back and scanning them again with a real scanner if I ever get one, instead of just a phone app.

@carbontwelve Please add me to 3D Printing, Astronomy, Chaos Computer Club, Cyberpunk, Gaming, Hackerspace, Information Technology, Infosec, NWA (Northwest AR), Privacy, Programming, Python, RPG, Technology, Video Games.

Now introducing FractumCoin. The ledger is private and exists entirely in my head. You have FractumCoin if I say you have FractumCoin.

I was just at a car dealership and all the computers have a bunch of ports exposed and the following information taped to the back of them. Most of them were unattended.

Internal IP
Model number
Dell Service tag
Dell Express service cord
Dell Order number
Windows version

And these ports
Display port

Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but isn't that a bit much to have on display?

I might try to get a Minecraft server going again. Anyone looking to join one?

So, with enough motivation, I could watch movies on my watch.

What a world.

To this day I still don't understand docker well enough to use it. Same with docker-compose and such.

I should really change that. Being able to one click install things and not mess up everything else on my systems seems like a great thing. But I considerbit a VM, so Im surprised when I launch is again and suddenly all my data from the last launch is gone.

And I have no idea how to integrate multiple containers.

Covid - 

So yesterday I tested positive for covid. Which sucks.

But it's actually the first time in a while I've had time to do stuff I actually want to do. Like programming and tech stuff. Silver lining I guess?

Ever wanted to help crack hashes for the WPAsec website? This notebook can help.

I threw together a quick notebook that will install hashcat on a Google colab instance and crack hashes on it.


I now own a VR headset.

Not sure what's next.

Probably learning how to use blender. But I'm not sure where that falls on my massive list of things I want to learn.

New Hackers.town fundraiser about to drop... a "From many, One" theme. New Cyberia has risen from the void overs the past 5 yrs. It's not gonna stop now.


and I cannot stress this next part enough...


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