Hello everyone! Flyd here. ( v0.2)

I'm someone in a corner of Fedi that is living a quiet life with sticky notes and scraps of paper all around themselves.

I'm a and student that appreciates things and internet . I love a good stroll and seeing things grow (especially people!). I also like ; a walk in a large store just lightens me up!

I'm a beginner at and . I also like to sometimes. I'm learning some by immersing a little at a time too.

That's about it! Feel free to ask for more about me or send me a message. Let's be friends!

@bitsofbas Wow you have an MSX? Despite all I said, I never really had a home computer.

@flydelion Comes with the age, I guess 😜 I used them in the eighties because that was the thing to have, rather than a PC.

@bitsofbas Do have an advice regarding this? I do not own any "retro" devices. Do you consider emulators to be "good enough"?

@flydelion If you're just starting out, I'd definitely stick to emulators.

Depending on where you live, it might be quite the investment to get original hardware and a screen.

When you decide you like it, there's a million options to spend money on a wide range of MSX or other retro hardware.

Most people will need the "nostalgia" drive to get into real hardware, I'd love to be seen proven wrong though! 😅

If you're interested, ask away!

@flydelion #emulators such as #openMSX are a good way to get started enjoying the library of #MSX software available, and developing #homebrew, especially with the use of available debuggers.
But as @bitsofbas can probably attest to, testing on real hardware periodically, and especially before release, is still important as not everything is 100% accurately emulated yet.
Fortunately there are plenty of active MSXers online still, and a wide variety of flashcarts available to test ROMS.

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