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World is nice. World is really really nice.

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Hear the word that I say

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Since my blog tagline for some time was a "Solarpunk Hacker", I began playing with some solarpunk and hacking symbols to create a logo. An early draft:

I like that it represents both Open Source, a sun, dynamic arrows and a person silhouette in the middle. Lots of symbollism.

#solarpunk #floss #opensource #logo #design

`pogchamp` and Other Internet Oddities

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Quality of Life +1

Disable images out of your life for 6 hours a day. Especially photos.

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A Studio Ghibli gif that describes me? Oh, that’s INCREDIBLY easy

CowboyBebop spoiler, 

I had always put off The Final Few Episode because I knew what was coming. Not in a "I got spoiled" way; how else could they tie the loose ends?

You don't need guns for a Western.

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@m0ofx From a style guide updated in 2015, and yes, they actually edited this section in 2015 (to increase the baseline from the 1 MiB specified in 1992):

Always bear in mind that some users only have a 4MB machine and may want to run your application alongside others. Indeed, they may have to run it alongside some (such as a printer driver). If your application can’t be used with a 4MB machine, state this clearly, preferably on the packaging so that users don’t buy it if they can’t use it. You will be able to sell to more users if you can keep within the requirements of a 4MB machine, of course. Even users with more than 4MB will prefer to use the extra memory for multi-tasking than running a single memory-hungry application.

(It’s RISC OS’s style guide, but still. This is text updated five years ago.)

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Am a composer, musician, dad, diy instrument maker, coder (music/web related) -> #berlín

Some of my interests incl.
#othermusic, #extramusic
#diyinstruments / #diy
#puredata (audio application)
#politics in favor of people
#uptronics (parts' reuse)

Get in touch, if you're a music nerd far from the usual, even from underground mainstreams. Love #constructive surprises & things yet unheard or unseen.

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Is there any interest in putting together a #wearenameless style fedi movie group? I miss watching bad scifi with all of you and would love to build a community like that. Thoughts?

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Few weeks away from my PhD defence, git decided that some objects are corrupt and that no operation can be performed.
This tweet is sponsored by "Back up everything. Twice"

I have One (1) netquaintance on Absturztaube that I can't View because server-policy.

So how are you doing.

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