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Hello everyone! Flyd here. ( v0.2)

I'm someone in a corner of Fedi that is living a quiet life with sticky notes and scraps of paper all around themselves.

I'm a and student that appreciates things and internet . I love a good stroll and seeing things grow (especially people!). I also like ; a walk in a large store just lightens me up!

I'm a beginner at and . I also like to sometimes. I'm learning some by immersing a little at a time too.

That's about it! Feel free to ask for more about me or send me a message. Let's be friends!

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Hear the word that I say

Complaining about the future 

Childhood expectations VS what we ended up getting:

* Expectations: Humanoid robots!
* Reality: A kinda crappy smartphone OS with a marketable name.

* Expectations: Intelligent software that can comprehend conversational context and have a degree of self awareness
* Reality: Fancy statistics with a marketable name.

Pocket/Wrist computers
* Expectations: My PC but it's in my pocket with adjusted ergonomics and all the freedom that comes with it.
* Reality: Closed garden hardware/software ecosystem designed to stalk and monetise you and only allows as much freedom as corporations see as useful to their own purposes.

Self driving cars
* Expectations: I own the car. I tell it where to go and it goes there.
* Reality: These aren't quite ready yet but it's already clear where it's going: You will not own this car, except maybe on paper. It may listen to you but it will report to and obey its manufacturer first - along with a government back door.

The future kinda sucks.

Ok, let's settle this once and for all. Today's a good a day as any 😄

Woo my site's on

Still waiting for the to respond to my ticket…

It is time to don a New and Exciting character!

Microsoft breaking email BCC is a delightful snapshot of Big Tech in 2021

The Outer Game of The Matrix: recalling that you are in a simulation from time to time and also when you try to break free and fail further instills hopelessness so that you stop even trying.

Escape attempts keep becoming more and more infrequent...

I love how `telnet` manpage outright says "The source code is incomprehensible".

For real tho: I have never dressed like crazy ever in my life. If I'm going to play dress up, earlier the better. Can't get "you have no taste big guy"ed.

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