What is with the modern aversion to buttons? Cars & phones are entirely on unreliable & error prone touchscreens... and TV's & monitors hide all the buttons in the back, so you have to rely entirely on the remote control or memorize the buttons...

Thoughts while the dog chews the remote...

@float13 I think that it boils down to the old image of futurist technology being sleek and featureless. in theory they are voice commanded, and so touch screens that hide when not in use are a way to pretend

Coupled with the economic incentive to actually push voice command, because it's a convenient excuse to have microphones recording you even if you end up using manual controls instead.

@float13 I can say from observing customers using our copy machine that they assume the physical button panel is the primary control point even though it only has a numpad, and they have to be told that the touchscreen right next to it even exists in the first place.

So I don't think that consumers are actually pushing this trend

@float13 physical buttons are highly underrated but touch screens are cheap. That's why the sets on Star Trek: The Next Generation had them. And it turned out to be accurate and futuristic for the same reason.

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