Some assholes, somewhere: Women are ruining science fiction!

Mary Shelley: Hold my absinthe.

To all of yinz speaking at HOPE tomorrow:


You'll do just fine. I know it.

@swirlz The Assassinations Podcast (bonus! the guy's voice is soothing), and The Conspirators (for weird history).

It's important for little girls to have positive female role models. That's why I have the confidence to walk into museums and just take stuff. Gobs and gobs of stuff. And nobody can catch me because they're too busy with those damn world almanacs.

Thank you, Carmen Sandiego, for making me the woman I am today.

If you can find it, another great documentary is Dan Aykroyd Unplugged, which is him chain-smoking in his basement and talking about UFOs for and hour and a half.


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Good Lord! The worst (and I mean the best) JFK conspiracy documentary is on Amazon Prime now! Back in the day, Netflix had this glorious treasure, and I’m glad that it has finally found a new home.

It’s this bored guy rambling on about JFK and George H.W. Bush. A lot of things are misspelled, and it uses clip art that looks like it’s from a 1994 version of Corel.

There’s actually a sequel! It’s about how W. killed JFK, Jr., which is even more ridiculous than the original.

What a time to be alive.

@KitRedgrave You’re the coolest person on my Mastodon TL, but I’m not sure that counts.

When you steal a piece of the Abyss and twist it around into how you want, that’s magic. That’s creativity.

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