Do any of yinz have tried and true insomnia hacks? I've only been sleeping 1-4 hours, if at all, for nearly two weeks. When I do sleep, it's full of nightmares.

I'm no stranger to insomnia and night terrors, and I am an avid night owl, but this is getting old.

(This is okay to boost, though reluctantly. I don't want to get overwhelmed.)


No... I often live with a cloudy mind and misery for a few days at a time.

@fidgety I'm going to gather that you've already done all the sleep hygiene things - most of them sort of work but not for really hardcore insomnia (and I've not had to deal with nightmares much).

If worst comes to worst, there's nothing wrong with having a second sleep sometime during the day if you have the opportunity.

Exercise can kind of help, but if needs to be around 4-6 hours before you want to sleep, otherwise it makes things worse.

@fidgety @shoutcacophony I use to have major problems with sleeping and bad dreams. Now, I sleep much better most nights and when I don’t the techniques I learned in therapy help me go back to sleep.

About an hour before bed I put my phone away and read about 20-50 pages of a book in a place that is not my bed. For me that’s what it takes to get sleepy. While I am doing that I am doing slow deep breathing from my diaphragm. After I get sleepy I put my book away.

@fidgety @shoutcacophony After I put my book away I do a short meditation and then move myself to my bed and continue with the deep breathing. If any itches or anything comes up I just breathe and put my attention on it until it goes away on its own.

If I wake up in the night scared or fully awake I just deep breathe and sometimes meditate to go back to sleep.

All of this took a lot of practice. This works for me and may not work for everyone but I hope something in here will help.

@fidgety I have had good results taking a valerian tincture when I can't sleep.

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