Me: Ok, ok, I full screened; what now?

My desk: You did not. Not even remotely.

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New hardware failure mode aesthetic just dropped? That's all backlight... all half of it.

24% of respondents on Fediverse and 67% of respondents on Twitter said 'Don't know'.

This is a banker's box, made for holding file folders for records storage.

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new phone thread, nokia 5.4 

Pick a manual, any manual; none of them will tell you a thing. Except that you are supposed to switch the device off fully when near gas stations.

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new phone thread, nokia 5.4 

1st take: jfhc it's huge someone get these peeps not ape hands

Things that break as soon as they're put into heavy use are broken by design. Unfortunately this includes the pebble I've been happily wearing without so much as a nick on it - until I installed alarm and timer settings onto it so I could fully use it the way I was accustomed to using a non-smart 'sport' watch, and apparently gouged the side with my fingernail when acking timers.

I'm overbooked. Direct all further inquiries to the secretarial llama.

Just realized the style I'm trying to get out of camera filters is basically just the visual style from A Scanner Darkly. I wanted 'comic book' initially but I think this is what I was going for...

Perspective matters, ok? Part 4 of 4.

And now I can go fix that I messed up and didn't caption... :blobfacepalm:

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