This is the new green man, finally decorated. His name is plantflower. He needs a haircut.

Accidentally made ubuntu's software manager completely transparent...


hypermobile joints 

food, kitchen 

'use a background' they said...

(didn't manage to capture the angle from which the earthshine filters through my eyes, but it does that.)

[zoom config screenshot, that i meant to crop, but software isn't behaving] cw selfie eye contact

Mask project update - kiddo loves hers, wears it when out on her scooter or accompanying her dad to the store. So I made another with fitted ear bands. Design success! I hope in time she will accept double layer masks, but this is better than nothing, and she's very sensitive about breathing freely.

Important videoconferencing hack: glare shield for laptop camera (common binding clip)

The purpose of this picnic: work

[Notebooks spread out on grass doing article revision]

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Goth picnic. Need a good groundcloth.

Selfie ec, me with parasol brolly, all in black

garden pics... ok, not the video attempts, but those aren't down/up loading properly atm. This is a small part of the garden.

I had no idea just how much peace I'd feel seeing this logo again...

Socially distant chillaxing while waiting for the post office to open.

Working on a new, more child friendly, mask design. Materials are nonwoven polypropylene shopping bags. Yes this is probably a 50% effectiveness no filter as built, but again, the goal is something a child unaccustomed to masks will willingly wear.

Image CW selfie ec

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