Wow, #QubesOS is way more usable once I upgraded my laptop to 40GiB of RAM.


This is not okay. None of this is okay.

Only having a choice between:

- running an OS that runs fast, has GPU acceleration available for applications, does not drain my battery like there's no tomorrow, and does not require stupid amounts of RAM,


- running an OS that is perhaps reasonably secure…

…is simply not acceptable.

Not the least because that choice is only even available to people who can afford 40GiB of RAM.


@rysiek Doubly so as Qubes used to run on 4Gb reasonably. Literally 1/10th the resources.

@feonixrift I'm sure it can run reasonably in 8GiB. I've been running it in 12GiB and then 16GiB and it was ~fine-ish, but I had to be careful which cubes I run simultaneously.

What really kills it is the browsers. And I include any Electron app in that group. Stop writing Electron apps people, for the love of everything that is holy! Just damn stop!

The fact that as a developer someone has 32GiB of RAM to play with doesn't mean it's okay to demand that kind of resources on a user machine.

@rysiek Even when I used it browsers were the unholy ram-breaker. I could at the time run up to about 5 vm with up to 3 of them using firefox, but this was before electron.

@rysiek @feonixrift
For Qubes I would not use anything bellow 16GB ram, 32 is better. And yes there is a whole debate there.

Ever higher runtime resource requirements vs Accessebility and the need to optimize software to make it more accessible.

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