brainstorming in public 

What would it take to actually win? I don't mean tread water and hold ground. I mean win. A future-proof free and open net, available to all.

I think OCAP is key. It's the only security model based on what is technically possible not on hype.

I think the IoT stuff that the folks behind the German covid trackers are working on is key, and I should get in touch with them again when I have the bandwidth. They're good at pushing privacy respecting design.

Governments that still have a stake in privacy and rights are key. Meaning not the usa, uk, nz, australia, etc...

Local-first and offline-first are a must; networks overall come and go but the net must in each locale go on. Whether by wires or by USB drives or by Bluetooth fistbumps in the hall.

Likewise old hardware support; obsolescence is for the employed.

A new data model, a new model of what a computer is and does and is for. A computer is for the user. Bring out your Tron memes, they're not ready to go on the cart. We're close to it with this exocortex / second brain talk, but take it a step further. Align in service to that.

Games can do it. Have done it. Remember Ingress? We should have taken that more seriously. But what does it look like in service to the user, end data holder first.

What does it look like when the only data sent is what you choose to send. When you can capability scope that to who needs to have it. When you control what runs on your device. What does that look like. Because it's glorious, and not out of reach.

brainstorming in public 

@feonixrift @theruran Agreed!👏👏👏👏

Probably communism. Moving to a cooperative economic model rather then a competitive model.

brainstorming in public 

@jollyrogue @theruran I won't set foot in political terminology personally, but sure, go for it. :) We need a multitude of approaches under the rapidly and unpredictably changing conditions of this future.

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