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The attack on right click is moving quickly enough that I suspect it's the tip of a groundswell which has grown in areas we weren't monitoring, or taking seriously. School boards perhaps? I dunno. But the fact of it isn't half as bad a sign as the speed of it combined with that fact.

With html and js, at least in theory you had some idea what was running on you computer. And once it arrived it was yours, at least in a technical sense. Once right click is gone, there is no reason to retain compatibility; no reason for the source to be human legible at all even if you could get your hands on it. Imagine amp 3.0.

This is a content lock-in wet dream. And we walked right into it. Chrome can end the web; not tomorrow, but soon. And with legal interpretation behind it, there would be little to stop them. The Matterium guys have got to be salivating so bad atm. A free internet, a free world as the online and offline increasingly bleed across, is going to require more than just free software.

grim chrome take 

@kayden among other related things including a court case for 'hacking' against someone who clicked F12 to view source, and nftbros getting knickerknotted over folks downloading copies of their monkeys.

grim chrome take oh chrome sucks but the view source thing is just an enterprise policy (reasonable if not annoying to these kids trying to cheat)

but yeah i heard about that f12 case and like wow are you stupid

grim chrome take 

@kayden For now... We'll see how far they take it.

grim chrome take 


not sure if people are thinking of this in these terms, but I'd put the "people don't understand folders/directories" as part of this.

It's a short step from "help the user" to "help the user give us money or power"

grim chrome take 

@deejoe Yes; when there were even ten years entire classes of student programmers who didn't know the code in the ide existed as a file outside the ide... We're in a perilous position.

grim chrome take 

@feonixrift @theruran Corporations who were forced to go remote, and needed someway to surveil their workforce to make sure they were sitting front of a computer for 8 hrs a day.

Is the logical outcome of many of things. Forcing everything through http and using the web to deliver apps for one. Allowing DRM to be added to html, ceding control of the web standards to surveillance capitalism companies, making the web JS reliant, wasm, not building for offline first.

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