The 'you should air gap and physically separate identities and not use the same wifi as yourself if you're going to use tor' folks, despite having a point, frustrate me. Knowing what it doesn't cure is important; but what happened to "use tor for everyday stuff because every additional user is noise protecting the vulnerable users"? We used to have that narrative. And it got people onboarded inside their comfort zone. Testing new software and learning how to conceal identities are separate tasks, both tricky.

@feonixrift It also protects the CIA assets that use TOR - hence the initial navy funding for TOR

@feonixrift shouldn't you make a small raspi system with a plug on the back that you can slip into sockets under tables in bars and restraunts and provides you VPNs through their wifi without the owners knowledge and do it for years to there are lots of them at random locations all over the country because I would never do that because it would be wrong and stuff....

@binder it'd be totally irresponsible to piggyback a vpn setup into surveillance hardware marketed to airbnb landlords.

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