🇺🇸 Asking Android users: TLSv1.0 & TLSv1.1 are no longer considered secure. But disabling them would lock out devices on Android < 4.4. Would you be affected?

🇩🇪 Frage an Android-Nutzer: TLSv1.0 & TLSv1.1 sind nicht mehr als sicher eingestuft. Deaktivieren würde jedoch heißen, Android < 4.4 auszusperren. Wärt Ihr davon betroffen?

#security #Sicherheit


@IzzyOnDroid Anything older than 5.1, it feels like apps have to be manually selected with extreme care to work anyway, sideloaded, and then carefully not updated, so... blow it away.

@feonixrift In other words: you are not affected. I'm aware of the risks concerning older Android versions (actually, I have a few on LP and below and would not let them go online) – but not all users really have a choice. Not everyone can afford getting a newer device, for example. It's easy to say "discard" if you're not affected 😉

@IzzyOnDroid I do have and occasionally use an older device but was already in the position with it of, as I mentioned, side-loading with care rather than indulging in an app store experience, even a nice foss one.

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