Anybody know where the anti-aliasing controls for fractional scale display setting are on ? I could use this not looking like I need new glasses.

@feonixrift I've been avoiding getting be glasses on account of not having a job, and the pandemic

so, now i totally could, eh?

@meena I mean if you have your scrip there's always sources like zenni that do them online.

@feonixrift i think something has worsened, especially with my astigmatism

@docskrzyk That's where the fractional scaling is. But it's using a really abysmal choice of anti-aliasing algorithm that makes the 150% fonts on apps that don't natively scale obviously blurry.

@feonixrift as far as I'm aware, that's the only one exposed that isn't going to require you poking into gconf or other dark (fiddly) arts.

@docskrzyk Adequate dark arts - use 'tweaks' to get into the accessibility font scaling and control the anti-aliasing there, instead of using the overall display scaling mechanism.

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