I need a job. While I'm applying to PhD positions, I can't wait around for that.

Nothing makes the reality that I have to do this hit hard quite like paying out 10k of bills...

Recent M.Sc. in Mathematics (Number Theory). I can do mathematics, software engineering, etc. I write English passably, and can limp by in German.

Goettingen or remote... I'll move if I must but it'd be a heavy burden at this point. USA citizen in Germany, Czech citizenship in the works but not yet in the bag. This is 2021, surely remote is possible.

Temporary or freelance work also a possibility. :boost_ok:

@feonixrift If you’re open to something long-term instead of just a one-or-two-years job:

@feonixrift I joined after my PostDoc in physics when I finally accepted that academia does not offer the kind of job-security I need for my family — after learning that even 50% permanent positions continue to be unrealistic after you managed to secure DFG-funding for three years fulltime.

And when I realized that making visualization and analytics of geodata easy and accessible is important for society: I had just spent a full day matching CO₂-concentrations to a map-shard of Tokyo.

@ArneBab It looks like you've found a fascinating work! I will certainly take a look and consider carefully the possibilities. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

@feonixrift Good luck — whatever path you choose to walk!

@feonixrift We do have some people with heavy mathematics background working on the logistics side... How's your Scala?

@WAHa_06x36 Haven't had occasion to work with Scala yet, but I'll take a look. Thank you for the suggestion!

@feonixrift The company is growing fast and recruiting a lot, so even if you don't see a position that fits you perfectly, it's worth applying and having a chat with the recruiters about whether they could find something for you. And we're opening satellite offices and doing more remote work.

@feonixrift We’re looking for more software engineers as well. I think I might have told you what we do – derivatives pricing and calculation of risk figures. On the software side, automating this for millions of products. Much Go, a little Java and C#, Kubernetes. Frankfurt, currently 100% remote is possible (this might not stay that way once the pandemic is over). Note that (as far as I’m aware) we’re not looking for _financial_ engineers right now, so not too much maths probably.

@Xjs I would gladly take a look! I don't expect my maths to be much use in most of industry... DM me; I've forgotten which is your company. :)

@feonixrift Send me your CV, I'll run it through the internal job board at work.

@feonixrift research institutes often have positions for recent graduates, if you're in Göttingen looking into Max Planck Institute, Helmholtz Institute or maybe the DLR (not sure if they have an institute nearby though) might be interesting? Hope you find something :)

@lucik Top of my list but nothing so far :) I keep at it! Thank you for the reminder and the well-wishes.

@feonixrift a couple of these specialize in remote

this passed by with a bunch of remote the other day

Nextcloud is often hiring people in EU

igaliia is in Spain and fine with remote people for FLOSS jobs

@lufthans grins Very shiny! Thank you a bunch and I will look into these.

@feonixrift also, you mentioned Czech and I failed to mention which is doing some interesting projects, dunno if they're hiring

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