How would you do a multiuser restricted shared desktop?

- access to a preselected subset of files only.
- but remote clients can view/edit, pull up multiple windows, etc.

ie. something that isn't exactly a screenshare, and isn't exactly remote desktopping, and isn't exactly collaborative document edit...

where would you choose the feature set in there and how would you make it happen.

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@feonixrift Hmm... if I had to do this, I'd probably start with a VM (full, or at least a FreeBSD jail) running Xvnc. That way I could install just the software needed, and only host the files needed, and build/snapshot/destroy the whole thing via scripts. Have a main account that runs X, plus either one or many accounts used to SSH to the VM to tunnel VNC from user's computers. In the VM I'd connect to a Subversion or git repository to track the files.

@feonixrift Re. the 1 or many SSH accounts - 1 account shared is easier to set up, but limits access control and logging. Multiple accounts takes more work but gives you far greater control over who can connect, plus a simple "who" or "last" shows who's connected. I would not omit SSH - IMHO one should always set VNC to listen only to localhost, then use SSH port forwarding to pass that connection to clients. YPMV, of course. :flan_smile:

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