Perhaps a hot take, but I'm convinced that not teaching computer science students how to use bash as soon as they have more than a few weeks of programming experience is irresponsible and doesn't prepare them for their work

If you're teaching your class in Java, your students need to know how to execute javac at a basic level, not just click the "Run ▶" button in Eclipse.

If you're teaching in Python, `python3` had better come up within your 100 level.

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@tindall I gave a programming talk once to an astronomy class .. prof's requirement was "make it simple but they should leave able to code something" so I threw a tiny-c at them that fit on a thumb drive without external libraries so they could use it on the horribly locked down campus computers. Several students came up to me afterward... they were compsci majors. They'd never realized code was just text until they saw me writing it in /notepad/; it blew their brains.

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