"Google it" is increasingly unacceptable advice in the face of personalized search results - a subject expert may receive very different links than a newbie for the same search.

@feonixrift and that’s not even touching on his search is so much worse for everybody now than a few years ago due to prioritising “trending” results and less relevant ones from sites that capitulate to all their centralisation demands

@feonixrift not at all. You should not be logged in to a Google account while performing nonpersonal searches.

@fluffy Ideally we'd never be logged into google accounts at all... Ideally businesses wouldn't flood google's servers with incidental information about their internal operations. But, in the end we all have to search, and logged in or not google correlates us when used.

@feonixrift I'm not sure that it works that way friend :ablobcatwink:

If you are not logged in you see the same results :blobcatbusiness:

@fluffy While logging out helps, at least according to there is some nuance in its effectiveness.

@feonixrift interesting

I suppose a clear profile would be the next step I would try

I'd argue it's more than unacceptable. In some ways it's completely useless. I blame this entirely on SEO for comppetely diluting search results. You ever try to find a new doctor? I wade through dozens of links of referral services and can rarely actually find where the doctor practices or how to contact them directly. At this point it's only good for troubleshooting specific error messages or finding and answer to a direct question IMHO.

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