Me: What I mean is, there's a human need for .. emotional support humans.

Me at myself: *sighs* They're called friends, dearie.

@feonixrift Okay I guess I'll bring my cat. (wish I could actually!)

@estoricru I actually need to throw something together -- kiddo insists I go as a witch tomorrow. (I may harrumph; wizard is more appropriate. but details. Pointy hat at any rate.)

@feonixrift Hell yeah! I'm going as a wizard (Gandalf costume from the halloween store) but I couldn't find a staff that I liked so I bought a hand carved wooden hiking stick.

Maybe I should have got a broom

@estoricru I have a crooked stick that can't decide whether it's a wand or not, kiddo's spare hat, and my general spookiness... it'll do.

@feonixrift What that's so cool! I am born and raised in a swampy state...I've always been drawn to swamp witches (we do not have a history of them here that I can find).

@feonixrift If you're comfortable with it, I'd love to see a photo tomorrow when you're all dressed up (if not I totally understand too! my photo will have me wearing a big beard and wig so I'll be pretty obscured when I post mine)

@estoricru There may end up being pics; we'll see. Here's kiddo and her dad doing some costume testing a few days ago...; [cw eye contact]

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