Follow @cwebber and rainbow highlighting does more for readability than brackets do.

@feonixrift @_emacsomancer Yes, I think this is a key thing often missed: reading parenthetical syntax can be *more readable* than non-parenthetical syntax by a dramatic amount with rainbow parentheses

And that's not even including how parenthetical structure makes code flow more obvious.

@cwebber @feonixrift @_emacsomancer As someone only capable of seeing 2/3 of the primary colors, this does not look great to me.

@elplatt @feonixrift @_emacsomancer Yeah, you might want a different set of colors for that... but I do think you can get a colorblind-safe set of colors that alternate parentheses colors that are still helpful

@cwebber @feonixrift @_emacsomancer To be honest, I stopped paying attention to code color a long time ago. But, I've never found lisp style code difficult to read, even in black and white.

@cwebber @feonixrift @_emacsomancer I'm going to be contrarian here and say that while yes, rainbow parens make it easier to keep your parens balanced, this isn't actually a good thing because balancing parens is a job for computers, not for humans.

I have my theme set up so the parens fade into the background and are barely distinguishable; I find it more readable to not be distracted from the indentation.

@cwebber @feonixrift @_emacsomancer (on the other hand, rainbows can be good for pair programming because you can easily indicate where in the code you mean--"what if we delete the green form?" which comes in handy, but for completely different reasons)

@technomancy @feonixrift @_emacsomancer Different needs for different people. I know folks who definitely feel similarly to you though.

@technomancy @_emacsomancer @cwebber @feonixrift I hate it when machines help me and insert parenthesis for me and things like that. That said, I've never used a real structured editor, only text editors that pretend like they could be one.
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