g​:eyes_m_lb:​gle style search is not what I want from an internet search engine. At all.

No, I want to hand over some related files and a set of concepts and the give it an objective or topic, let it come back to me later (by the next day is perfect unless I'm in a hurry) with highlights and collation if the main points, cross-referenced and with evaluated credibility. Not quite a personal researcher, but a semi-competent secretary.

The hobbling of boolean text search with 'algorithmic' poison does not accomplish this.

By habit I still use tor for all medical searches. Once you know the insurance companies buy that data, even no longer living in their reach, well... There's always the future to think about.

This is a great search experience. I queue a search and walk away. A few hours later I queue four page loads that look viable, and wander off. The next day I read those pages and queue another search if needed.

By not moving at the speed of visceral response, I take in the information differently and make different choices in selection and use of it.

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