Hey I want to collect a list of resources for #ethical #WebDesign #html #css #js #sustainability #a11y etc etc pls reply with your favorites and also pls boost.

@estoricru I wrote a blog post about this a few months back with a bunch of resources listed at the bottom:

@alcinnz @estoricru @markosaric Related: I recently saw a woman's webpage (female name) who was a supporter of accessible websites. She had a theme switcher button that worked without JS. Do you know which page that was? I saw it on mastodon or HN, can't remember which.

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL @alcinnz @estoricru @markosaric interesting idea. you could do this with an input element just before the theme root element, and use the adjacent sibling combinator (+) for a selector to nest all the theme styles under. then they would only apply if the input had a particular value, i.e. that theme was selected.

@seyerian @p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL @estoricru @markosaric Another approach would be serverside scripting + cookies.

And in the "Rhapsode" auditory browser I'm developing, you can simply link to the stylesheet. Won't recommend that option right now since it only works well in my weird little browser...

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL that was really wordy and didn't come out right. this is what i mean: `#dark_theme_checkbox:checked + #theme_wrapper { ... dark styles here ... }`. this would work for using a checkbox as a toggle for light/dark theme. unsure if possible to make it work with 3 or more themes.

also note there is a CSS media feature to detect the user's preferred color scheme:

@leip4Ier i do not believe it is doable with a <select>: there are generally two issues making this currently not possible for most form inputs: 1) `[attr=value]` selector does not work with values entered by the user (only those in the HTML), and 2) there is no selector for elements based on properties of children, i.e. <select> with a certain <option> selected.

it does however work with radio buttons using the general sibling combinator (~):

@leip4Ier ah shit i didn't save the radio pen. 😭 😂 will update in a minute.


I don't see a "theme switcher button" on , so it's probably not what you are seeking.

" a woman's webpage (female name) who was a supporter of accessible websites." makes me think of #LauraKalbag immediately.

You might like to follow her: @laura, she does such great work!

@alcinnz @estoricru @markosaric

@el_joa @laura @alcinnz @estoricru @markosaric Yeah I checked through that site too but it wasn’t quite. Know what's annoying? It's in my history on firefox mobile, but I don’t think there's a way to view my full history :)


Yeah, I can feel you!

I have this with toots sometimes: I know I read one, but (having neigter liked nor bookmarked it) I can't find it again....

Regarding #sustainability for me the most important book recently (unfortunately only German) is the sustainability zero line

And, same author Daniel Dahm is involved, the Potsdam Manifesto from 2005 also available in english:


1) Look at this list:
and never, ever do any of that.

2) In general: users are not cattle.

3) Treat your users like you would your friends. You wouldn't waste your friend's time, or take advantage of them.

@estoricru you're reminding me it's time to update my resources site. i have a shit ton of this stuff saved as bookmarks. i'll see if i can find a good way to link dump it to you.

@estoricru for the moment, i offer up one of my study guides that has a whole list of accessibility links:

@pixelpaperyarn thank you! I’ve been collecting them in various places as well but I’ve received a lot of suggestions today that weren’t already on my list so asking has been really productive

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