Someone should compile an “everything good that’s come from the covid19 lockdown” master post.

I can be this person. Send info my way. I will compile and share it.

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I just saw something about how Mount Everest is visible from Kathmandu for the first time in decades thanks to COVID lockdowns reducing air pollution.

This is good news and I’m feeling that good mood boost.

I want to compile a single master list of good things that have come from the COVID lockdowns. Please send them my way.

This is a boostable toot and a toostable boot.

@estoricru the extra time to spend bonding with my kids and teaching them the stuff they can't learn in school has been pretty great


@estoricru me and V don't have to stay in Budapest.
and people seem to realize that they live in a society.

@estoricru I have been able to get more things done around the house that had been lingering.

Now just waiting on parts has been the hardest part.

I think the general slowdown we have experienced has been very nice... a slower world is more human and more humane.

@marathon the one about Mt Everest or the one I’m working on? You can find the Everest one in your favorite search engine...that’s where I would go to get the link for you. The one I’m writing is still in process but I think I have enough to get started today with a post.

I actually *like* that most strangers now keep a respectful distance, and also we've seen some of the clearest blue skies yet, now that planes aren't constantly filling it up with trails.

@estoricru In Oklahoma, bicycle traffic jams are now daily occurrences in Tulsa and most bicycle dealerships have months-long waits. Up from no to light traffic on the cycleways before the pandemic.

Here's hoping that lasts.

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