I have become very anti-work.

I don’t mean anti-working-on-things.

I do mean the constant treadmill of 5 days a week, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year doing jobs that may or may not be doing nothing other than furthering said treadmill.

I am not convinced this is healthy for humans. Not just on an individual level but also on a cultural level.

@estoricru There is one caveat I see:

My job gives me the option to learn ANYTHING that is remotely related to my job. Meaning I can get skills to leave said company later and quickly become competition to said company.

Sure, still an 8-hour day job, but I can get better on the company dime.

@m4iler I’m glad that you’ve found a position that fulfills you but I don’t think that is indicative of society as a whole.

@estoricru Indeed, it isn't. And it makes me sad that this is not for everyone as it is for me right now.

@estoricru There are advantages to fewer hours and shorter work weeks, as written here:

And luckily, there are companies like Ghost (Foundation) who give 4-day work weeks a try. They say:

> We close the office on the last Friday of every single month.


Or Basecamp:

> 32 hour (4-day) Summer work week - May 1 through August 31, we work 4 days a week, for a total of 32-hour weeks…


@naii I definitely agree that less hours is part of it, but there are issues like the pointless job treadmill created to keep people working to keep them consuming etc

@estoricru it is demonstrably unhealthy on an individual level
companies constantly test out stuff like reducing hours to 32/wk while maintaining salaries and are repeatedly "surprised" productivity stays "roughly the same, a bit better" while morale greatly improves
I did some back of the envelope math at some point, and I think a good middle ground is 4x 6h days, with 3 breaks (2x 15m, 1x 30m; included in the 6h) (note middle ground), both in terms of productivity and culture

@toast you’re absolutely right.

I find for myself I do well with 2 hrs, 30 minute break, 2hrs, 30 minutes (lunch this time), 2hrs. I can get a lot done in that but after that my brain is done.

@estoricru the reason for the 4 days is that people rest best in "consecutive rest" chunks
2 days of rest is good, but we run into a problem
if you don't have time to do stuff during the week, you're doing other stuff on the weekend, which means it's no longer 2 days of consecutive rest
so adding 1 day of hybrid personal-work / chores / etc should be a great help as well

@toast oh yeah I forgot to say with 3 days rest. When I go to work after a 3 day weekend I always feel better than after a two.

@estoricru Fully agree. Working 40 hours or week or even more is a bad tradition which gets forced upon many people worldwide. It gets even worse when people don't feel happy with what they to do at work. Work should not eat most of the time of our lives. Instead more spare time can make it easier to relax and be happy, and do some valuable volunteer work and meet up with people without feeling tired and possibly miserable because of the day job.

@Ajz there’s this treadmill of consumerism and pointless job positions that exist to only continue the whole thing. It ain’t right!

@estoricru @Ajz We're giving up our lives for someone else's profit. We're giving up the home of our children for someone else's profit. We need to work the minimum amount to sustain ourselves and to keep a living world.


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