What do we need to make the internet better? What do we need to build it into a digital “utopia?” The perfect internet?

Please answer and boost for exposure.

Let’s get some concrete ideas down so we can make goals and to do lists and get the ball rolling.

Decentralization is an obvious answer...but why? What evidence do we have that centralization is bad?

@estoricru The internet has so many wonderful platforms for people to deliver content and express themselves. Which inherently makes it a target for censors and tyrants.

Centralization provides a singular target to reduce the ideas brought forth by the internet to the general populace.

Decentralization will make it more difficult to silence people en masse. But easier to do it in pockets. Which is imperfect but preferable.

@estoricru Also, singular things create monolithic problems. For example: Twitter. Being as Twitter creates both the service and moderates the servers, and they have a vast number of users they have out sized power to censor people.

I like Mastodon. I like Mastodon because it offers the counter balance that tampers the excesses of Freedom of Speech: Freedom of Assembly.

Freedom of Assembly says anyone can join any (non governmental) group and any group can accept or reject people. Each island of Mastodon can federate with another or reject others.

@estoricru Upgrade to #GNUnet, get user base big enough for it to function fully.

The entire thing is designed from the ground up as a replacement for the entire #internet stack. Completely #P2P, #E2EE, achievable complete #anonymity, and you can safely use it without having to trust anyone at all except the recipient of a communication. There are no real #privacy leaks anywhere.

20 years in development, but they're gradually getting there.

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