Q: If you, like me, make your income via the internet (not just through something like ecommerce or Patreon...but like a day job that is internet related), and the internet were to go away tomorrow, what other skills do you have to make a living?

I don't know if I have any, and that disappoints me.

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@estoricru i come from construction (red iron and tile setting). my body wont like me for making the jump back into labor, but its at least skilled labor.

@ella_kane That's a great answer. I suppose that's something I could do.

@estoricru I'm prolly the closest to you in town re skills. Never forget our power with words! :_penta: :_storm: :_witch:

@ella_kane I'm not sure how we would make money doing that w/out the internet. Obviously, print would come back, but that was a highly competitive industry even pre-internet.

@ella_kane I've been thinking about doing that. My town has a very politically conservative one that gets passed around and I'd like to make a counter to that to place right next to them lol

@estoricru If you are disappointed then you can change that situation.

@blodeuwedd Heck yeah I can! Now just to find the thing...and the time to learn it... ;)

@estoricru Go back to being a park ranger, pick up some fire qals and get red carded.

Which, odd days of the year, I still consider. I was in peak shape, had a crazy active social life. The work was boring, but I really miss being bored and physical exhausted at the end of the day but mentally refreshed each evening.

@lordbowlich Being a park ranger sounds awesome, tbh, but I don't know anything about it so maybe it's not.

@estoricru I do math. I teach math. I'm handy enough mechanically to get hired, but my body won't support physical labor. But paperwork never ends and I'm good at that. I'd probably drill myself at shorthand and supplement teaching with secretarial.

@estoricru I've also got enough design skill that I could probably pick up engineering over time despite only having a 2yr degree in it to begin with; but as math instruction never seems to go out of demand, I don't forsee a problem.

@estoricru Internal wiring (telephony, really, but I would definitely apprentice myself as an electrician).





I write, and do some software things and some design things.

I'd still probably work with computers, unless they are going away too. I've done IT and systems administration.

@estoricru I write and I do product evaluations, both from a technical aspect and from a market/messaging aspect.

I'm pretty good at managing facility projects, including site moves, remodeling, move-in, building prep. I'm not half bad at event management either.

I can, if necessary to keep my pie-hole fed, handle marketing and public relations.

@estoricru hmmm, I think I might tend bar, I have training for that but I haven't done it professionally. The same goes for makeup. I'd also love to do graphic design the analog way though I'd have to relearn some techniques, and find some letraset. Finally I could go back to supervising road works which was a most demanding job but I really fondly remember it.

@estoricru if you know computers and can build and fix them, you have a skill

@estoricru software development would presumably still work, though it'd be quite different than most people are used to. But I programmed before the 'net, I could go back

and most Internet jobs require a bunch of non-Internet skills. Can you write clearly? Understand how complex systems interact? Work in a group toward a common goal? Organize information? All useful skills before the Internet existed


@estoricru Disconnected networks. Computers still need to talk to computers within a single administrative domain. The "Internet" is just the interconnection of pre-existing networks 🙂

@estoricru You probably also have consulting skills - in order to work out what your customers want; and architectural skills - in order to work out which available options represent a good solution. Those are very transferable. Perhaps get a little extra training in those specifically while the Internet still exists? 🙂

@estoricru I don't have any other skill I could be immediately and professionally proficient at. I think I would try to pivot to accounting or maybe car mechanics.

I know how to brew beer, I like cooking, I like fixing broken stuff.

I like to be alone so I would say lighthouse keeper ? 🤔

@Non0w @estoricru threw my experiences I got several knowledges about warehouse management and accounting. It took me time to realise these skills I have are good. I wonder if everyone of us, Internet related workers, just don't see which side skills we got threw building websites and apps :)

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