# Why I’m Switching Careers to Coding

## Marketing to Coding - TL;DR Version

Before I get into coding, I’m about to publish a lot of posts about marketing, and I want to have this story to link back to.

The truth is, I hate marketing.

I didn’t always feel this way. I used to love it. It seems like just recently I loved it.

But I’ve been doing it for over a decade now and I’m just...bored.

I don’t want to do this any more.

Coding has always interested me, and I love music. I have a degree in video game design. I’m also fascinated by information security and privacy.

I want to switch careers and I haven’t quite figured out to what kind of coding, yet.

I’m still struggling on figuring out what’s next for me, but I’m currently learning to work on games with a platform called It’s My Chance.

I’d also like to learn how to perform music, and “program” modular synths.

That’s the TL;DR version. Here’s the much longer version:

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@ella_kane It wouldn't be a good comment thread if you didn't do it.


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