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Researching for a future episode: how do you feel about employee monitoring software? Why or why not?

Please boost for bigger sample size.

This is for a future Your Secure Life podcast episode. My local tech association has a talk coming up presented by a company that makes employee monitoring software.

I’d like to do an episode (and a talk) on why that’s bad.

I have my reasons. What are yours?

Checkout past episodes at Https://

Who wants to be a part of a guerilla network of resilient comunity owned and operated Virtual site to site VPN WAN links that no single entity has authority over?

No? Ok, It's cool... we'll be waiting for you when you change your mind.

PSA! Stop what you're doing and install an adblocker immediately, if you don't already use one! Privacy-invasive surveillance capitalists are about to make a boat load of cash off off of our self-isolation and social distancing practices. Largely speaking, these are the companies that actively engage in "Embrace Extend Extinguish" tactics against open source software and finance and leverage AI/ML systems that are used as part of apparatuses of oppression by governments around the world.

United States federal student loan payments are being deferred until Sep 30. Don't pay your federal student loans until then. No interest will accrue and it won't affect your credit score. (Most student loans in the US are federal but uh make sure yours are before doing this.)

@thegibson @estoricru @technoid_ "The Street finds its own uses for military/industrial technology". So, technically yes.

@estoricru cable management is another phrase for herding cats

In all seriousness a degree of habit and structure is immensely helpful. Give yourself an hour to exercise, time off from social media, reading time, alone time, videochat time, fun time etc. if you can. Being in close quarters with other people 24/7 is a major adjustment.

Really surprised all landlords didn’t have six months of rent saved up for an emergency

Working on the podcast transcription and the AI thought I said "SIM swabbing"


Have you discussed with your children, who may be e-learning for the first time, ways to protect their online privacy?

Are you talking with them about password management and best practices?

Do you help them disable location services and unneeded microphone or camera access?

Are they being mindful of videos they post in group chats or apps?

#privacy #kids #school #COVID19 #infosec #parenting

What OS (and distro if applicable) is best for an air-gapped machine used only for data storage and manipulation(like financial records spreadsheets and stuff like that)?

Building our transparent (public) ethical (whatever THAT means) business plan and here's the equation we use to figure out our "maximum capacity" of work.

Maximum Capacity = Total Available Hours X Number of Ops Personnel / Hours to Produce 1 Unit

Humanize evil not for empathy but as a reminder that they too have exploitable flaws.

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