Florida politics, transition being banned 

"Florida begins rule-changing process to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth"

"The proposed standards would ban trans youth care recommended by major health groups and require waiting periods for trans adults to begin treatment"

"...including “social” transitioning measures like changing pronouns or wearing different clothes."


re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

"The department also suggested that physicians who are already supporting patients who are receiving that care should stop – which would allow the state to forcefully detransition transgender people in Florida."

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

"How Florida Twisted Science to Deny Healthcare to Trans Kids"

",,,VICE News found that all 12 citations Florida presents against the use of gender-affirming care are either distorted or from a source with clear anti-trans bias."

"Abortion rights are trans rights,” Dee Ojeda, senior national organizer for the National Center for Transgender Equality, told VICE News. “They’re one and the same. It’s all about having rights to our bodily autonomy, having rights to getting the medically necessary healthcare we need.”

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

Just to be clear, this push to make transition illegal for kids and near-impossible for adults is only the legal thrust of an effort that's long been socially enforced in Florida.

I lost my Florida doctor of seven years when I started to transition. His office stopped even being willing to take my calls. And that was for a chronic illness, not trans stuff.

re: Florida politics, transphobia 

I'd also like to point out that many, many of the trans people who have gone stealth post-transition for safety reasons, would be OUTED by this development.

  • Cutting access to hormone medications

  • Enforcement of birth names and sex (for those who haven't been able to change their birth certificates)

  • Discouraging even cis people from sharing pronouns

All of these things make trans people more visibly trans, and therefore both more easily targeted -- as well as "blamed" for their own targeting.

This is calculated. It is forced outing.

re: Florida politics, transphobia 

For perspective, "Discrimination" is a 3 on that list.

Florida politics, transition being banned 

@erosdiscordia this is so incredibly fucked up

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@m455 It really is. :(

These are life-saving prescriptions and social processes being withheld. Absolute pointless cruelty.

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@erosdiscordia yeah and it's definitely intentionally harming. This isn't something you just do because you are naive. They know people suffer from this :( the states is really turning into looe a handmaid's tail type of thing :(.

I'm in Canada, and I hope we dont start having similar shit

Florida politics, transition being banned 

@erosdiscordia I didn't quite get from the articles what's gonna happen is a minor transitions socially
and like how can they ban social transitioning, will it be like the 50s when they detained 'male-perceived' people in 'feminine' clothing?

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@kaedechan I'm sure it's open-ended, to leave "guidance" for the notoriously bad Florida schools to implement it as they see fit.

It can't be firmly defined, because it's a bullshit, bullying law, and they know it.

I can guarantee that non-gender-conforming kids (and adults) down there are going to be in for even more of a world of hurt than they already are.

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@kaedechan For instance, the Florida Governor recently called on a 1947 "public indecency" law to attack drag shows.


re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@kaedechan I hate to compare things to the Holocaust, because it feels appropriative.

But this is one of those "Do they look Jewish?" sort of laws.

re: Florida politics, transphobia 

@erosdiscordia It seems DeSantis is trying to set himself up as a serious contender for fascist-in-chief

re: Florida politics, transphobia 

@hermione404 He is.

Once people get done tearing Trump apart over this coming year, DeSantis will likely try to present himself as a reasonable, business-oriented Republican, just like a lot of Republicans currently pretend they miss having a chance to vote for.

And the damnedest thing is, a lot of the neolib Democrats are going to go along with it, and encourage everyone to bury the hatchet on the "identitiy politics" stuff.

In the meantime, DeSantis is practicing seeing what he can get away with.

re: Florida politics, transition being banned 

@erosdiscordia >ban wearing different clothes

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