I've got a really, really specific question --

For those of you who have ever had that stress dream about being back in high school, and either having missed a lot of one certain class that year / forgot to study for a certain exam...

What subject was it in?

@erosdiscordia for me those dreams are always collage and usually English or something like that. I didn’t know anyone else had those dreams.

@erosdiscordia Always science. Either Biology, Chemistry or Oceanography. Never Physics though, which was the fourth science subject I took in HS. I have no explanation other than I struggled in all of those classes. But I also struggled in math class, and I never have stress dreams there.

@erosdiscordia math

and irl I am very, very, very bad at math

like I suspect I have dyscalculia bad at math

@erosdiscordia mine is also a variation where they threaten to revoke my masters degree if I don't go back and pass algebra, but I also have to take a full course load and I can't remember my locker combination or where my class is. Thank you, brain!

@erosdiscordia Some kind of science class. Usually chemistry I think. It's usually "I've been blowing this class off all semester and for some reason it hasn't been a problem but it's suddenly about to be."

@erosdiscordia always at least three subjects, usually physics and two different humanities, and I don't have time to study/prepare my project for more than one of them, but I need at least two to graduate

@erosdiscordia My version of this nightmare on another level. I also can't remember what class the exam is supposed to be in and I have completely forgotten how to get to the room where it is taking place.

@erosdiscordia I have this dream from time to time. In my case I had a terrible time with the applied technical portuguese class and always in those dreams I dreamt about how I don't advance 'coz I was remiss with my studies. It is always a very stressfull dream to me.

@erosdiscordia complementong eith the other question, usually I can't recall remembering my age or the current status quo. So, in the most of the cases I feel like I was in the 2010's.

@erosdiscordia I did my graduation very late in my life (from ages 25 to 30) and this always had a very impsct in my perception of myself as an intelligent being. So, the dream always reminds me of this "flaw" in my past.

@erosdiscordia I have a weird variant of this where I get a letter telling vee my high school wasn't accredited in my senior year and they're going to cancel my diploma and my degree if I don't fix it so I have to go back for my entire senior year and retake finals.

But at the end it's always the government/history exam I'm studying for the most.

@erosdiscordia Oh gods, it was university exams for me. So I was just “normal adult age”.

It was always calculus. Gods.

@erosdiscordia mine were more based on college. I can't recall the subject, but that's kind of the dream. It's basically finals day and I realize I haven't gone to a class at all that semester.

So yeah, fun.

@erosdiscordia tends to be math and physics classes. which are ones i was (and still am) very good at, weirdly.

@erosdiscordia answer to your addendum: typically going back, when i'm aware of that. an irregularity that I missed a class. one time, going back to get a postgrad degree... which i already have.

@erosdiscordia always French, in college. I took French in HS but never in college.

@erosdiscordia when I have the dream it isn't that specific; just that I am behind, absent, and I need to take The Final. I am never aware of my own age in the dream.

Math, history, or some dream-logic subject that isn't real


i had a dream like that with a history test.

with the way history is taught in Lebanese high schools, students literally memorize whole paragraphs and regurgitate them on a written test.

in my dream, I was aware I graduated HS but I was not aware why I was back taking a test.

@erosdiscordia usually vague but often high school math. also sometimes uni level art (i have 2 art degrees irl). i'm always me now "going back." often i've missed months and have to catch up and do a test or presentation. sometimes it conflicts with work hours.

i also get what another person mentioned, getting lost and being unable to find my class/locker, forgetting my combo, forgetting what room i was supposed to be in, forgetting my bag somewhere...

@erosdiscordia It's always a math class for me, now that I think about it!


I’ve had so many variations of this! The worst was when I was close to graduating from a post baccalaureate in CS. I had dreams I never actually completed high school and had to go back to take a math class.

I also dreamed I had signed up for a biology class and forgot to go after the first class. The program obviously didn’t even have biology classes!

I also had dreams about having meant to drop a CS class but the drop didn’t go through and found out right before the final.

@erosdiscordia I think history maybe? Also my worst IRL class

@erosdiscordia you know, I don't know if it was a specific subject. At least I can't recall which subject. Usually the main part of the dream is being unable to find the right classroom and/or not sure what class is next that day due to misplacing my schedule. Sometimes realizing I'm in the wrong class.

Sometimes it's all in a single building and I can't find my locker either, and sometimes it's on a university campus and I can't figure out which building I'm supposed to be in.

@varve @erosdiscordia yeah same, or like I had a class I haven't been going to but didn't realize it so the actual class or subject isn't present all that much, it's more not being able to get there or get work done


I don't think I've ever had the "missed a test" dream but I've definitely had the "forgot my locker combination, then time passed and I had a new locker, but I'm pretty sure my stuff was still in the old locker" dream...

@erosdiscordia its always math. which is weird bc I was very good at high school math and took the most advanced classes I could. Maybe its that wasted potential anxiety, bc of course now I have forgotten it all and could not do calculus to save my life. Though I can still sing the derivitive formula to the tune of "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" by TMBG

@erosdiscordia I find myself back at high school and either forgetting to study for a math or science exam.

It's strange because those were the classes I did well at.

@erosdiscordia no specific subject.

Just me at my high school's hallway screaming that I graduated +10 years ago (and am now a postgraduate student), while the janitor drags me towards the classroom like OK, WE HEARD THAT STORY BEFORE, NOW GO TO THE CLASS.

@erosdiscordia for me im my current age but usually im an unfamiliar pov character. im enrolled in an unfamiliar school, and i don't know a single thing that's going on. it's well into the semester and i am trying to piece together if i have done any of the assignments or gone to a single session of any class and also what classes im in, plus, who the heck i am. and there's just an overwhelming, pervasive sense of Failure and Shame :)

@erosdiscordia i guess the subject that haunts me is the entire concept of school cause i have random warehouse dreams sometimes and they're always empowering and nice

@erosdiscordia At least once every couple of weeks. I have no idea why.

It's usually English, but not always.


I have to laugh.

See, I don't have that dream… BECAUSE I LIVED IT.

I was unable to take "History of Poetry" senior year because of my schedule. But I had to pass the exit exam. So the Headmaster gave me the book and a study guide, the weekend before, and told me he thought I would do just fine.

I did.

@erosdiscordia it's either a university computer science course, heavy on the math, or it's a German language and culture course in high school. The latter makes sense since I live in Germany but my German is still not great.

@erosdiscordia Never a specific subject, but I can never find my schedule or remember my locker combo. Often, I don't even know what class it is, just that I am suddenly extremely behind for the whole semester.

@erosdiscordia For me, it's usually math. Sometimes biology. Sometimes it's that i just realized that I haven't attended PE class all semester and will fail because of that.

There is usually an aspect of not finding the right class room / missing the bus to go to school at all / forgetting my change of clothes for PE.

In the dream I'm my current age & have a job, but it's somehow all on a preliminary basis and i still have to finish high school??

@erosdiscordia No idea, none at all. Which makes sense since I completely forgot I enrolled in it, and now I can't find the classroom the final is in, oh God oh God oh God

@erosdiscordia I definitely have these dreams, but I can't recall the subject.

I'm usually about 30, which is 15 years younger than I am now, and somehow going back to finish something. While I'm in the dream, nothing seems uncommon about that situation, but once I wake up, the WTF sets in.

@erosdiscordia @chucker I switched schools late Junior year (11th Grade) and most of it was the Senior year Counselor explaining ways the grades from the previous school didn’t count OR (consequentially) I never attended the Graduation ceremony because I felt like an awkward outsider and finding out late in College that my HS diploma didn’t count because I didn’t physically pick up the right one at the ceremony I skipped.

@erosdiscordia I thought I was the only one having dreams like this???
But it didn't happen for any specific subject. I majored in mathematics, so it's usually some generic mathematic stuff, like idk quantum mechanics or algebraic topology or symplectic geometry etc.
Generally it's just about me being in some class and realizing that I somehow missed at least several months of it and now have no idea what they're talking about. Funny thing is that I never missed that many classes IRL...

school, nightmares 

@erosdiscordia most nightmares I've got about school involve PE class (and grading in it)

@erosdiscordia For me, it is actually about missing a class in middle school but it takes place in my high school's building and without this class (for dream reasons) I cannot be in college (which in the dream world I am in but I have graduated from in real life).

The class has not been specific and this is a multipart dream with a connecting narrative over several weeks

@erosdiscordia Oh dear, I've had way too many of those dreams. Usually it was just some semi-plausible-sounding economics subject; that's what I took in secondary school, and the subject names were often entirely unhelpful.
However, the most recent one was that I spent an entire semester at university not knowing about a coarse about onions. Yes, onions. Not related to either economics or English (what I'm studying at uni now), but I sure wish it were a thing!

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