re: misgendering 

You may not approve of someone's marriage.

But you don't "accidentally" keep referring to them as single, for years after their ceremony, do you?

No, because that would be sociopathic.

You make a fuckin point to learn their new name and status, because that's what humans do for other humans.

You learn it, and you refuse to let yourself forget, because you don't want to be known publicly as a flaming asshole.

Same if they get divorced.

And if you don't give trans people the same respect you'd give some shotgun wedding, wow. Says a lot.

re: misgendering 

Imagine considering someone's marriage a mental illness or a phase.

Transition costs more than a ton of wedding ceremonies do, and takes longer to plan and get through. More paperwork, too.

Make an effort, people.

re: misgendering 

@erosdiscordia this happened to me. my advisor slipped "girlfriend" even after he wished me a happy wedding. my mom has done it too. shit, I'm married now. show some respect 😤

re: misgendering 

@erosdiscordia ooh my this is such a nice comparison 👌 🔥

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