Here's a link to check hospital capacity and availability near you (U.S.A.):

Please boost.


covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

Judging by what I'm reading about hospital capacity, and from the local EMT friends my roommate knows, now would really be a good time to practice IRL risk assessment.

Everyone's already made up their minds about covid risk levels and balances, so I won't harass except to say Get Your Boosters Please.

But also:

Cook and clean carefully.

Watch the state of the leftovers you eat.

Don't do anything stupid with electricity, wires, or your space heater.

Consider postponing repairs and projects that need power tools, if you can.

Stay off interstate highways as much as possible.

Watch. Out. For. Ice.

People are already sitting in ERs for *days* at this point. This won't last forever, but it might be a good idea to live like you're made of breakable materials for a few weeks. Because you are. 💜​

covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

@erosdiscordia Whether you should drive or not is an important question for a lot of reasons.

But if you’re going to drive, it’s safer to take the interstate rather than alternatives that don’t meet the safety engineering standards specified for the interstate system, isn’t it?

re: covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

@erosdiscordia Well said.

People don't often consider the cascade effect that occurs... and requirement for care at this point is likely going to wait.

re: covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

@TheGibson @erosdiscordia even European countries with nationalised healthcare are suffering resource constraints, the reserve Ambulance depot next to my work is *constantly* busy (which means the main NHS units are all deployed out) Germany and Netherlands banned new years fireworks (with varying success) to try and reduce demand on already stressed Emergency Departments and general hospitals..

re: covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

@erosdiscordia For reference, this is my Wife's employer currently...

that percentage represents the "gurneys in hallways" situation.

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